Family Guy Review: Why Seahorse Seashell Party Actually Sucks

I didn’t think this was gonna be my return to writing actual reviews on this blog. Actually, I never thought Family Guy would be a show I’d cover here at all. I remember having it on a list of shows people need to shut up about a long time ago, in fact. And to be honest, I stand by that. I think that with most shows it’s worth discussing why and how they’ve deteriorated. With Family Guy, the answer is, simply put, Seth MacFarlane’s massive ego. Any internet reviewer who’s covered a bad episode of this show would be able to tell you that.This was a show that started out with some clever social commentary and just devolved into an outlet for the creator’s blatant jabs at celebrities he doesn’t like or just… The audience itself. And it doesn’t have to care about actually being funny, because now people will watch it just to get mad at it. And people probably enjoy being mad at things more than laughing at them nowadays, so I can’t say I completely blame Family Guy for this.

But I digress.

If you’re not familiar with this show, there’s two things you need to know before you continue reading. Everyone, and I mean everyone, hates Meg, but her family are definitely the worst about it. And in this episode Meg gives every single one of them a verbal beating of epic proportions. She makes good points, and it’s actually very cathartic because the other characters actually start to look at themselves as a result. And, no matter how good it is, the fact that this scene is so effective to begin with is where this episode fucked up. This is a mistake they make time and time again in their most infamous episodes, in fact.

So the family starts to antagonize one another because of this and they all run off, leaving Meg behind with Seth MacFarlane’s self-insert, Brian. And yes, the fact that Brian is a self-insert is VERY important here. Because this is the conversation that follows:

Now, every review of this episode I’ve ever seen gets emotional about this. Because yes, it’s easy to see this as either trying to make light of actual abuse or being misguided in saying that people should stay in an abusive situation for their abusers benefit; as TheMysteriousMrEnter said it in his review of this episode.

However; and no, this isn’t a defense of this episode, that’s not what this scene is trying to say. This scene is meant to talk to the audience about something, yes, but it isn’t abuse. It’s about status quo.

If you’re not familiar with what ‘status quo’ means in relation to television shows. I refer you to TV Tropes:

Within a work, particularly long-running series and franchises, almost nothing changes. If something does change, it’s generally reset back to the way it was before very quickly.

The fact that Brian is Seth MacFarlane speaks volumes towards the real intent behind this scene. Brian and Meg aren’t discussing abuse, they’re discussing Meg’s *role*, not within the Griffin family, but in Family Guy itself. And basically, by having Meg accept this role, this is supposed to make us, the audience, accept it as well.

Basically this is Seth MacFarlane saying “Look, just because I do these things to this character, it doesn’t mean I hate her”. As a writer, I can sympathize with that sentiment, but as a writer… Nothing and I mean NOTHING peeves me quite as much as a creator trying to address criticism within their actual work. If you feel you need to justify something about your work, then fucking man up and change it. And if you think it doesn’t need changing then man up and take the heat for it. Simple as that.

Either your show adheres fully to status quo rules and even when character development does happen it means nothing; in which case that very well-written, very cathartic confrontation scene you wrote is fucking pointless. Or you commit to having your characters evolve and stick to it. It’s not hard. The Simpsons has multiple very heartwarming episodes that were as if they never happened in the next. And people still loved them for it anyway. Heck, Family Guy itself has managed to pull this off with Meg and Peter on more than one episode, where they had them bond over something one episode and have him be a dick to her like usual the next. And that back when show was still at least decent.

Now, as I previously stated, the confrontation scene being so damn effective is where this episode fucked up the most. It humanized Meg to the point where the audience was never going to be able to look at her as just a character afterwards. Even if the things she was saying were literally, and sometimes word-for-word, things the audience had been complaining about. This episode’s fatal flaw was playing into people’s emotions and then expecting them to be purely rational when you go “Okay, listen…” about it. It’s NEVER gonna work. EVER.

Did people read way too much into this? Yes, absolutely. I’m 100% sure no one looks to Family Guy for ‘very special episodes’, and this was never meant to be one. Does that mean this episode is redeemable? Fuck no. No one asked for this piece of condescension with Meg and the rest of the episode is either annoying dad noises or a literal drug trip.

It does majorly suck, no question.


Pokémon Leaf Green Randomized Nuzlocke – Part 02

Alright. Today’s run was… Emotional. I’m gonna be upfront about this, there were casualties.

The first of them was, to no one’s surprise, Lionel.


And yes, that’s where my Pokémon go when they ‘die’. I don’t actually release them. I like to keep track of my casualties. >.>

As much as I harped on him, and even thought I tweeted while grinding on route 1 that all it was doing was show me better Pokémon I could have caught… I wasn’t actually expecting to lose him this soon. I mean, he got hit with a Self-Destruct move so freaking fast, I hadn’t even screenshot the battle because I was just grinding. Pft. A level 3 whatever-that-was? Nothing important here.

And I feel really bad. I mean, yeah, he was kinda crap, but… A lot of my favorite Pokémon are considered crap. More notably so Zubat and Magikarp. I mean, I know Magikarp is objectively crap, but I would always manually train mine in Pokémon Yellow from level 2 or so up until it evolved into Gyarados and Gyarados is one of my all time favorites in that game. So, you know, I know that something crap can actually pay off if you put effort into it, but for a Nuzlocke… That’s trickier to do. Lionel wasn’t gonna go very far even after learning Metronome. 😐

At this point I still had Tala, Sparky, and Squidward, though. I leveled them up a bit and went into Viridian Forest, finally. My first trainer battle was uneventful and then I had my first close call of the day. Latios.


The only reason I got out of this was that he used a move that inflicted damage on himself and Squidward was able to take the damage; barely. The other two were already on red health and I’d used my one potion for the battle. So, yeah, pretty damn close, but I made it and I got through the forest just fine.

Brock was kinda… Meh. His randomized Pokémon were pretty weak. I mean, the Spoink he used first only used Splash the whole time. Oh yeah, Ranger Max. He wasn’t Brock, he was Ranger max. 😀

Also, being able to play as a girl in this game makes Brock’s dialogue a little more uncomfortable, gotta say.

Aaaaanyway… I beat “Ranger Max” without much issue. I fought the trainers leading up to Route 3 without incident as well.


Though I did get indoctrinated into the Cult of Shorts. :/

Found a… This thing… on Route 3 but didn’t manage to catch it.


Ran into this creep in the PokéCenter but didn’t have enough money to buy his “Magikarp” yet. And yes, that counts as a ‘Gift’ Pokémon even though you have to buy it. So, off to MT. Moon I went. My first encounter there actually had me pretty excited and I managed to actually catch it. Things were looking up!

Not for very long though. My second trainer battle turned out to be quite the nightmare. All thanks to a level 14 Wailord. It had Water Gun and Rollout. And it annihilated Sparky in one single hit.


Fuck you, Wailord! 😐

So, at this point, I was pretty freaked out. Rollout was gonna be super effective against Lily; the Butterfree I had JUST managed to catch. Not to mention she was still only level 10. One Water Gun was gonna be the end of Tala, and Squidward didn’t stand much of a chance either. I thought I was done for. Both Lily and Squidward went down pretty quick. And then it was all down to Tala, my starter, the Arcanine.

I used Bite. It didn’t that much damage, but… Wailord flinched. I used bite again. It flinched. Holy shit. I did it again. And again… It flinched. At this point I was pretty shocked. I actually managed to flinch this damn thing, in succession, enough times to kill it. And I survived! With just Tala left in my party.

RIP, little dudes, you all made me proud. 😐

I took my earnings and retreated back to the Poké Center. Time to see what this creep had to offer.


His “Magikarp” ended up being a level 5 Ninjask. I named it Badass in the hopes it’ll live up to it. He is now Tala’s only companion.

The rest of my play session was leveling this guy up and then fighting a couple more trainers in MT. Moon. I ended up having to go out soon after. I did however, find a few of these roaming around in MT. Moon.


And while I know I probably wouldn’t be able to capture one with just regular Poké balls… AAAAAAH I WANT ONE. Mew is THE FUCKING BEST.

But alas…. >.>

So, yeah. This is my team as of today, Tala and Badass:

They’re both around level 15-16 now. Hopefully we’ll be able to survive Mt. Moon and make some new friends on the other side. >.>

Not sure when, I might not have time to play during the week,  but we’ll see.


Ugh, Come On

I had to go out for a bit after my play session so… I just got home a few minutes ago, I’ll compile the events of today’s run for you guys in a second while my frozen pizza heats up, but… In the meantime… Can we just agree that no one fucking likes Norbit and WHY does that movie still gets air time? Who likes that movie? I’m seriously If you happen to be a fan of Norbit… I need to know and I need to know why. What is one redeeming quality of that movie.

I mean, things like My Immortal, Birdemic, The Room, Sharknado, Twilight… I can find redeeming qualities in. Teen Titans Go has gotten a stray laugh or two out of me even. Norbit is straight up one of the most terrible pieces of visual media I’ve had the misfortune of enduring. NO. Just NO. Stop it. No one wants to remember that movie exists. Just stop.

Sorry. I needed to get that out. Part 02 of Pokémon incoming.



Pokémon Leaf Green Randomized Nuzlocke – Part 01

My second run went better and it didn’t. Well, is going better, I haven’t gone down yet; that’s the better part.

The not-so-better part is that I’m not really feeling my team all that much this time around.

My starter options were actually familiar this time. I was a little bit unsure with the Mightyena there. I don’t know what those do and whether they’re effectively good, but I went for the Arcanine, because… I mean, it’s a freaking Arcanine.

It was a girl. I named her Tala.

One mistake I made with Gerry was battling before getting my poke balls. I didn’t do this with Tala this time around. So I was able to actually catch something in Route 1. It was… Something, alright.

I name him Lionel. If you know what that reference is, you’ll know how much faith I have in this guy’s survival. I mean I haven’t looked into it, maybe Togepis evolve into something good, but right now he has two moves and they’re basically the same thing. 😐

On Route 22 I caught a Squidward. He poisoned the other two and that reminded me to buy a bunch of antidotes. Because poison can fuck up your day on a Nuzlocke.

On Route 2 I met Sparky. It took half my poké balls to catch him and he doesn’t even have any electrical moves yet, but that’s okay. If I can build him up strong it’ll definitely pay off.

And that’s my team so far. My Forest encounter was a Linoone that I was unable to catch with the remaining half of my poké balls.


I’m out of balls,  but that’s fine, I can’t catch anything in the Forest anyway. My plan for today is to go back to route 1 and grind a little. Gain some levels on my weaker party members before my first trainer battle.

Wish me luck.


Pokémon Leaf Green Randomized Nuzlocke – Part 0

I named this Part 0 because it was a pretty quick run, lol.

Hey, I warned you guys I’m not good at this game. I’m gonna run the Randomizer again and start a new run in a second, but lemme walk you guys through this.

First and foremost, this is always what I name myself and my Rival. Yes, I am mentally a ten-year-old. >.>

In my defense, it makes most dialogue boxes in the game actually worth reading.

My starter choices were a Bayleef, a Lickitung and an… Igglybuff? Man, I feel old for not knowing those existed. >.>

I picked the Bayleef. I named him Gerry (yes, it’s a Shadows Rise reference, if you’ve been reading that). He was a good boy. >.>

A little strong maybe. My first encounter was a Spearow, but I couldn’t catch it because Gerry one-hit-murdered it. My first actual catch was a Lickitung on Route 22. I named it Squirtle because Lickitung was replacing Squirtle as a starter earlier. He was also a good boy. >.>

Then on Route 2 I encountered a Deoxys. And apparently those are really hard to catch, but I tried catching anyway. And I died. I forgot to screenshot it, but it looked like this:


And that was the end of my run. I didn’t even get to Viridian forest. 😐

I’m gonna run the randomizer again and restart, though. Same rules, same settings. Let’s go.


Pokemon Randomized Nuzlocke Announcement

Sooo… Kind of a weird way to come back to this blog, but I thought it’d be a fun thing to do. This isn’t the first time I do a Nuzlocke. I watched several runs on YouTube with different rules and settings and I decided to try it myself a few times. I just never documented one.

Fair warning: I’m not good at it. I’m not great at Pokemon in general. I haven’t been an avid player since gen 1. I don’t even know that many Pokémon past gen 3. These runs usually tend to either go really well or really horrible for me depending on what Pokémon I find (main reason I enjoy using a randomizer). Sometimes I don’t even know what the hell the thing I just caught is.

I’ve played these challenges in different games, but this time I’m gonna be using Leaf Green.


This will give me some unfamiliar Pokémon, but since it follows the same story as the Gen 1 games, I’ll still know where the heck I’m going, since those were the only games I played through normally.


If you’re unfamiliar with a Nuzlocke Challenge. This is the bare basics of it. There are 3 basic rules:

1) You can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in each route. If it escapes or faint, you are not allowed to catch anything else in that area.

2) You must name all the Pokemon you catch for greater emotional attachment.

3) If a Pokémon faints it’s considered dead and must be released.

As this challenge grew in popularity people started to extend on the rules and for the most part people set their own rules before they begin. So other than the above, these are the rules I usually go by.

– Nuzlocke rules apply from the moment I acquire poke balls. If I’m not yet able to catch Pokémon then it doesn’t matter what I encounter or if my starter faints.

– My starter stays on my team until it dies, no matter what it is.

– I can use a potion once per battle. And can use them freely outside of battle.

– White out/Black out is game over, even if I have Pokémon stored on PC. So if someone on my team “dies” and I don’t replace them right away, that’s my damn fault.

– Static encounters/ Gift Pokémon are allowed.

– If I encounter a shiny I’m allowed to try and catch it regardless of whether it’s my first encounter or not (I don’t think there are shiny Pokémon in Leaf Green, tbh, and I never encountered one in any of my Nuzlocke runs anyway but, you know, whatever >.>)

Randomizer Settings

The Pokémon Randomizer has a bunch of different settings that you can apply to your game. And I made use of it a lot in normal runs just to alter things like the Pokémon names being on all caps and making some evolutions possible without trading (I used to trade with my sister to evolve,  but I can’t be bothered anymore now. >.>), but for Nuzlocke runs these are the settings I tend to go for:

– Randomized abilities, banned trapping abilities, follow evolutions: The abilities of all Pokémon are randomized and abilities that prevent Pokémon from escaping or being switched out are banned from the game, since they can kill a Nuzlocke run very prematurely sometimes. Abilities remain unchanged as the Pokémon evolves.

– Randomized Starters, Static Pokémon, Trade Pokémon: I get three completely random starter options, Static encounters are random, Trade Pokémon are completely random (though I don’t trade in Nuzlocke runs, but whatever).

– Random Trainer Pokémon (Rival Keeps Starter), Random Trainer Names, Random Trainer Classes: Pretty self explanatory; trainer Pokémon are also completely random, my rival always keeps his starter (same as me) while the rest of his team is randomized as well. Trainer names and classes are random because I think it’s funny. It doesn’t affect anything. 😛

– Random Wild Pokémon, Random Held Items: Wild Pokémon are completely random so are their held items.

– Full HM Compatibility: All Pokémon can learn any HM moves. This is done mostly so I can progress through areas that require moves like CUT, FLASH, STRENGTH, etc, regardless of what I catch.

– Random Items: Because those can be fun too. 🙂

And that’s it. Those are my rules and settings. I’ll be screen-shooting my progress and posting after every play session. I may also live Tweet as I play, so… If you wanna follow me on Twitter, it’s on the sidebar over there *Points to the right*

Let’s see how long I can last with this one, shall we? >.>


P.S: I have some free time today and tomorrow. If I don’t die by then… I’ll continue this when I have time to play more.

Birthday Month!

Hey, guys!

First of all… Yeah, I’ve been working insane amounts. Even keeping up with Shadows Rise has been kinda difficult the past few weeks. But that also means I’m gonna have a little spending money on my birthday this year. Because, since my nephew’s birthday is two weeks before mine, I tend to spend whatever money I have on him, and then just… Be broke and maybe order a pizza when mine rolls around. Birthdays are important to kids, so hey. >.>

Also, what I’ve done is tell my friends and family to donate money to the Shadows Series instead of giving me birthday gifts. Most people usually end up just giving me money anyway. No one knows what to get me and I don’t know what to tell them when they ask. Getting gifts is one of many things I’m awkward about, especially if someone asks me what I want. This year, though, that’s an easy question to answer. I want support for this series. So I told people that Patreon support for this would count for all future Birthdays, Christmases, Easter Holidays, whatever else people give gifts for, indefinitely. I think it’s a fair deal; they’ll never have to worry about giving me any gifts ever again! 😛

Speaking of, Chapter 1.05 of Shadows Rise drops later today. If you guys haven’t read up on the previous ones so far, there’s still time. Check it out here. And if you like what we’re doing consider checking out our support page. WordPress ads are really annoying and I’d love it if we had enough to at least get rid of them. If anything our readers deserve to not have pages littered with ads when they just want to enjoy a story. >.>

I’ve found my copy of Twilight recently (I saved it on Google Drive instead of Dropbox for some reason), so I might start on chapter 3 this week since it looks like it might be uneventful for once (heh, I know; famous last words). I want to continue Disney Revisited, but honestly… I’m having issues finding a copy of Cinderella that isn’t dubbed in Portuguese. And I want the original voice acting and music for these reviews. I’ll keep you guys posted. :/


Uprise 1.04

Written In Shadows

SR 01

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[Abandoned Outpost, Lacus 27th, Sundown]

The air became exponentially colder as night began to fall. Insulation in the Western tower wasn’t the best, and the small fireplace Gerald had built the previous year generated barely enough heat to ease the chill of winter. The man had settled down in a chair near the flames with a cup of warm tea in his hands. His green eyes were fixated on the woman sitting behind the wooden desk across the room. The look she gave him in return brought unpleasant memories of their first meetings—as did the stony silence permeating the air between them.

Gabrielle Porter was, in the simplest possible terms, dangerous. Not cruel, not unreasonable by any means, but not someone whose wrath anyone would like to instigate. Three years of companionship, shared sacrifice, blood spilled together. Gerald understood those were the reasons he…

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Whoa Boy

I’m so overwhelmed.

I have to get the next chapter of Shadows Rise edited and up by the 16th. However, this week I heard back from two of the places I applied to for translation jobs. And both require I take qualification exams and language tests. That I’ll have to prepare for as well.

I’ve been hunting for jobs that will allow me to work from home for a while and this is definitely a good thing, but I feel like my head is just so constantly full of stuff I don’t even know where I am anymore.

Having a stable work flow would be FANTASTIC for once though. So hopefully I’ll do well and Shadows Rise won’t be late on top of it.

Fingers Crossed!


So… Pride Month.

First of all, hey there guys. Sorry I haven’t been around much, but… I guess you guys are kinda used to that by now. Been kinda busy and a little sick. Nothing out of the ordinary for me, unfortunately

Second, I know that it sounds like I’m getting into the habit of talking about the one thing everyone’s talking about right now. Like mental health awareness, and now Pride, but… I think it’s more due to the fact I’ve been more exposed to social media in the past months than I’ve had in previous years. Alienating myself from Twitter and other such places was a personal choice that I forced myself to abandon in favor of connecting more with writers and possible readers. And so I’ve also been more exposed to those things everyone’s talking about. Now, unlike my previous post, I don’t want to talk about whether Pride Month is something that should exist or whether or not it’s beneficial, because… Those are arguments that don’t need to be made. It absolutely should exist and while the extreme politicization of everything in this day and age can be harmful (I’ll elaborate on this in a second), there’s absolutely no discussion to be made on whether Pride itself is beneficial. Yes, it absolutely is.

This one is a lot less social commentary and a lot more a personal post than the Mental Health post. Though I’m only gonna go as far as I’m comfortable on the personal front.

In 2017 deviantArt made a pride flag Widget available for users to put on their personal profiles. I wanted to put it up in support and, at the time, that was a serious debate for me. On that particular year I had been repeatedly beaten over the head with how invalid my opinion was and how unworthy my intentions were for not being a part of that community. Not by said community in general; just specific people, but it made me wary.

At the end, I decided “fuck it” and put it up anyway. And I made a journal about the fact this was actually a debate for me. Because it felt stupid to me, even at the time, that I had to debate; or feel awkward, about demonstrating support. The important part of that dA journal turns out to be this line: 

I have been told by friends that; based on how I described some personal things I will not disclose, I could be labeled as demisexual, but I don’t know if I care to label myself anything in that regard and I don’t feel it counts at all.

That was my sentiment at the time. I wasn’t sure what, if anything, I could call myself and whether or not it ‘counted’. I also said in that journal that I’m 100% straight, which… I don’t know if it’s accurate if I’m completely honest. Because of how sexual attraction works for me, I have rarely ever experienced it. So far when I have, it involved the opposite sex, but I feel that 100% straight is more an assumption based on past experience than a certainty that I have. As is, I’m open to experiencing romantic or sexual attraction however, or if it ever happens, but I’m also pretty okay with the notion that it just may not.

The term ‘demisexual’ was new to me at the time I wrote that journal. I was ware of asexuality and I knew I wasn’t asexual. I felt like I was more-Ace-than-not, but I didn’t have a word for that. Or the knowledge that a word existed. And I was okay with that because my sexuality or lack-there-of wasn’t something I felt a need to talk about with anyone. It’s private. It’s mine. Words only matter for things you need to say.

The most open conversation I had about this was with my mom. In a ‘I probably won’t be getting married or be a source of grandchildren’ kind of way. She did ask question, but my mom doesn’t much mind people being however they are. Her concern was more directed at whether my social anxiety was fueling this. And I reassured her it isn’t.

I stress a lot about having difficulty reaching out to people and not having as many friends as I’d like, but dating is legitimately not something I think about or feel that I want, even less lack, most of the time. It feels like a completely empty concept to me unless there is a specific person involved. And in that sense, yes, social anxiety makes forming a connection with people difficult, but it doesn’t influence the fact I’m just wired that way.

And the reason I’ve decided to write about this now is that, as mentioned above, I’ve been a lot more exposed to social media this year. I’ve ended up reading a lot about Pride Month and just in general people’s personal experiences on things in the past few months. And it’s made me question things. Such as whether I was right to say demisexuality ‘doesn’t count’ or whether I should consider myself LGBTQ+ or not even though I technically would be included in the +.

Personally for me, it feels like it bears little weight. Pride isn’t something I would participate in, at least not in the mainstream aspect of it. Like I mentioned before, my sexuality isn’t something I feel should be open to anyone but myself and whoever else it may directly involve at some point. It feels like pushing a personal boundary to have it on display. And by that I mean; my own personal boundary. If other people do it, all the power to them, it doesn’t bother me. No. It’s not about whether people should. It’s just what’s comfortable for me. I don’t feel more comfortable saying I’m LGBTQ+ so I can have my opinions validated in some form. It makes me feel less comfortable to think that, in some people’s eyes, for that to happen I’d need to open up a private aspect of myself for anyone to see. (And yes, there are specific incidents involved with me feeling this way, but I’m not comfortable going into those)

Still, to end on a brighter note. Personally and privately, I feel more comfortable in having answers about that particular aspect. I said I was only going to be as personal about my own experiences as I’m comfortable with and so I won’t explain in any details how not knowing how normal I actually am affected me growing up, but let’s just say I’d love to go back and tell my younger self to just fucking chill. You ain’t broken, kid. >.>

On that note, I’m particularly pleased that the pride flag for demisexuality is one of the greyiest of the bunch because let me tell you… Most of them aren’t very colorblind friendly and I feel kinda bad I can’t tell them apart.


And even then, I can barely tell the white and grey sections apart. Shit, is my colorblindness actually getting worse? =_=

On another note… It’s been thoroughly amusing to write about being demisexual while my browser spell check keeps trying to correct it to ‘bisexual’. Thanks for that, spell check, truly. Barrel of laughs. 😛