Music Shop Adventures

So… I went to the mall today to get some errands done; one of them long overdue and further delayed by our beloved postal workers going on strike. I would usually call them something less polite since I’ve been waiting for a LOOONG time to receive a package from the US, but the lady who posted my package was so unbelievably nice and helpful that I just don’t have it in me. She gave me a phone number that I shall call tomorrow so that they can track down my package and assure me it’s not lost… She also said that the package I posted should reach my friend Sarah in Connecticut (omg I actually spelled that right in only one try, I’m awesome! *fistpumps*), within the short span of two weeks and in one piece (since it is something with a slight chance of breaking). I doubt it because I’ve been waiting on mine for over 2 months, but I like it that she was optimistic.

Another thing I had to do was buy a stand for my guitar. My guitar bag went in the trash last weekend as I did a thorough cleaning in my room and discovered that the bag that had come with my guitar was moldy in some spots. Which left my guitar precariously leaned against the wall without any form of protection. My friend, who knows musical instruments a tad bit better than I do, suggested that instead of getting a new guitar bag I just buy a stand since I don’t really carry my guitar around and just play it at home. Apparently the guy in the music shop who told me that leaving the guitar in the bag was safer just wanted me to spend my money on a guitar bag. Fine, fair enough, it served me well all these years, I’m not going to complain. So today, having posted my package and stopped to get some ice tea, I head to the one little music shop on our mall. Now, I don’t like that shop… So much is my dislike that when I bought my guitar I took the bus across town to buy it at their competitor. It was raining today though and it was just a guitar stand, I already buy picks from them from time to time (damn it: picks! I knew I’d forgotten something!) what’s one more thing?

So I go into the store and this 30-something year old guy wearing their salesman uniform comes up to me asking what he can help me with. I ask him for guitar stands. I did not however phrase my request like so: “I’d like to buy a guitar stand.” the actual words I used were “I’d like to buy a stand for my guitar.” So the guy looks at me a bit funny as I say ‘my guitar’ and he says. “Wow, you play?” I know that look, I used to get it all the time from kids in highschool when they heard that I played. I did not go around telling people that I played, I did not take my guitar to school or asked to play anyone else’s when they brought it. I never liked playing in front of people. Even with my friends, who can actually call themselves musicians and with whom I’ve played with multiple times, it’s not an easy thing to do. So back then, whenever it was mentioned for whatever reason that I played guitar people were surprised to hear it. In their defense, any teenager that does something considered even slightly ‘cool’ will brag about it. I didn’t tell people because I was scared shitless they’d want to hear me play. I still am. >.>

So he started making small talk with me and he goes “So, how long have you been playing guitar?” and I shrug and tell him it’s been about ten/eleven years on and off. He then asked me for the brand of my guitar and the model, what year I bought it… I told him casually that I own a red and black electro-acoustic Condor (national) guitar, model CS-60 and that I was very happy with it. I then proceeded to tell him that my first guitar was a second-hand Eagle Stratocaster, with the classic sunburst color scheme, that my sister bought me for my 14th birthday, but that I had initially learned to play on my brother’s Gibson ’95 Les Paul Standard. I later developed a love for acoustic guitar and sold my Stratocaster to buy an electro-acoustic guitar, fell in love with this little red one I saw on a shop window… When I got the money for it however it had been sold. So I then headed to the aforementioned competitor of the shop I was currently in and asked for a red or black guitar.

The salesman (who was a lot nicer than this dude) told me that they had neither, but to wait a second and he’d see what he could find. He came from the back of the store holding the red and black Condor. I squealed in delight for about a minute and then I made my purchase. Paid about 700 bucks for it, with the guitar bag and four picks (which I then proceeded to lose within mere seconds after getting home). I told him all of this, and then went back to the matter at hand, picked the more steady-looking of the stands he’d shown me and said I would take it. He then asked me if I wanted him to assemble it for me at the store so that I didn’t have to worry about it later. I looked at the stand and… Well… It’s three metal bits to fit in together and one butterfly screw used to adjust height… I chuckled and said I could manage, but that if I couldn’t I had two men at home to help me. I smiled and said that the lack of an instruction manual would probably work to their advantage too. He half smiled, a bit awkwardly now, knowing that I had clearly noticed, and not fully brushed aside, his initial surprise that I knew what the fuck I was doing there and directed me to the checkout line.

guitarstandIt took me less than a minute to put the stand together, without any help from my friend who was sitting around lazily listening to my story about the salesman. I wasn’t mad at him, or offended, if anything I was amused by his surprise. I get that I don’t come across as a ‘rock chick’ or whatever… I just thought I’d give him a reminder that some people would be offended if they were in my position and he would lose a sale. Because some people get offended so freaking easy by random stuff and in some part of their brains it’s perfectly okay to be spiteful to someone who’s just out doing their job because they said or implied the wrong thing.

I’d rather laugh to myself and then post about it on the internet.



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