Playing Fetch

“Don’t move.”A sharp voice spoke behind Luckas in the silent forest. He could feel cold metal poke the back of his neck menacingly.

Luckas disobeyed, turning his head slightly to glance at the man. “I’m sorry, mister… I’m just looking for my puppy… Have you seen him around? He’s black and fluffy… Loves to hide the little bugger. I completely lost track of him.”

“I said, don’t move!” The guy repeated, poking Luckas harder with the blade and nicking his skin.

“Oow… Was that really necessary!?” Luckas complained. “Look, just tell me if you saw him or not and I’ll be one my w-… Are those wolf traps in that box over there?” He asked, pointing at the crate near the man’s makeshift tent. “You know that hunting wolves in these woods is forbidden, right? You might get in trouble, I don’t think you’d enjoy that.”

“What are you, one of those assassins? I don’t think so, you don’t look like one of them.” The man muttered behind Luke’s back. “Don’t… Bloody… Move!” He shouted as Luke absently scratched the top of his head.

Luckas sighed. “You’re really boring me with that, you know? Are you aware that using negatives when giving someone a command is very very wrong? Because the human mind, you see, has trouble accepting negatives and a person’s subconscious is likely to disregard them entirely, pushing them to instinctively do what you told them not to. I learned that the wrong way when I was younger. That’s why you shouldn’t tell someone to ‘don’t move’, you should tell them to ‘hold still’.” Luckas smiled, turning around to face the man. The hunter’s eyes widening in shock as he realized he was now unable to move. “See? I’d tell you to remember that in the future, but… I don’t think you’ll need it.”

“What have you done to me?” The man questioned, anger seeping through his every word.

“I asked you a question first, mister… Are. Those. Wolf… Traps?” Luckas insisted, a dangerous tone in his voice, his black eyes lighting up in red in a short flash. The man opened his mouth to answer but Luckas cut him off. “Shut up. I think I hear him now.” He muttered, turning from the man and trying to spot something amongst the trees. “Staaalker… Where are you, buddy?” He called out. “Stalker!” He sighed softly. “Puppies… Everything is playtime to them, right?”

The paralyzed man simply snorted in response to Luke’s chatter, now unable to even speak.

“Oh, there, here he comes.” Luke chuckled at an approaching rustling sound that announced something large moving in high velocity towards the small clearing where he had found the hunter’s camp. Soon enough, a large black wolf pounced into the light of the small camp fire, jumping around Luckas excitedly as though he hadn’t seen him in ages. “There, there, champ, easy.” He snickered, trying to get the giant puppy to settle down some. “Stalker, much like myself, has a bit of trouble following some commands such as ‘don’t move’, he likes to explore and such.” Luckas explained calmly, now petting Stalker as he sat down right beside him; dark brown eyes examining this new person with curiosity. “Pretty, ain’t he?” Luke asked the paralyzed hunter with pride in his voice, not awaiting a reaction from the man as he turned to the wolf. “Who’s a pretty wolfie, huh? Who’s a pretty fluff ball? That’s right, bud, you’re a pretty fluff ball… you’re a pretty, giant, man-eating fluff ball… Yes, you are… Yes, you are… You’re a big bad wolfie, yes you are…” He mumbled affectionately at the animal, Stalker responding to the praise with excited bark and whines, happily wagging his tail and nuzzling Luke’s hand lovingly, expecting more scritches.

It was quite an amusing sight to see; that gigantic wild predator acting as an adoring puppy for a young man whose head it could easily chew off in one bite. Or it would be amusing to someone who wasn’t paralyzed and very aware that he’d been trapped by his very own prey. Even in his current adorable puppy-ways, Stalker was quite an impressive animal. To someone who wasn’t familiar with the rest of his pack the wolf would be by a far the largest they’d ever seen. He was actually the runt of the litter, and his fur created the illusion that he was much more bulky than he actually was. Even so, he was visibly large and strong enough to chew through a grown man’s body as though it was nothing. Yet Luke still referred to the animal as ‘his puppy’.

Luke gave Stalker a couple more pats and scritches, but eventually the wolf left his side to sniff around the paralyzed hunter, low growls emanating from the wolf and echoing through the silent forest. “Stalker… Buddy… Do you wanna play?” Luke asked, grinning widely at the man as Stalker rushed back to his side, the wolf immediately laying flat against the ground, seeming to know exactly what Luckas had in mind. “That’s right… Let’s play with our new friend, here.” As he said that the man began to regain movement, Luckas stared at him for a few moments as if waiting for something, when the man didn’t move Luckas took a step in his direction, amusement and excitement in his eyes. “This is the part where you run.” He whispered, nodding towards Stalker who, although still motionless, had began to growl and snarl at the man baring his massive canines. The hunter turned around and ran off as fast as he possibly could, Stalker twitched slightly in place, but didn’t leave his spot. “Wait for it…” Luke whispered. “Wait for iiit….” After about thirty seconds, Luke rose his voice so that the fleeing man might hear him at a distance. “STALKER, FETCH!”

Luckas watched as the wolf ran off after its prey, calmly sitting by the fire and smiling as he waited for the inevitable sounds of the man’s terrified screams.


Puppy playtime, yay!


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