The Creepiest Music Videos Ever (in my opinion)

So, I have recently watched a music video on Youtube that I remember clearly being extremely freaked out by upon first viewing… And it still freaks me out. It got me thinking about how many of those are there and I decided to make a list.

Now, this isn’t or any similar comedy site. I’m not doing a top 10 all time disturbing videos list. These are videos that disturbed me for one reason or another upon a first viewing and that still disturb me now. They may not do the same for you and you may think my choices are silly, but hey… Make your own list. 😛

Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of The Heart : Half-naked teenagers everywhere! (NSFW maybe. Depends on your tolerance for shirtless, and often wet, teenage boys)

This is the video that started this list.

Now, let me just say that Total Eclipse of The Heart is one of those absolutely tacky songs that, assuming you’re old enough to remember it, you just can’t help but love. I mean… If you tell me you’ve never sung along to this you, sir, or madam, are a LIAR.

That said… What the hell is wrong with whoever came up with this video? Like, what the fucking hell? When I first watched this video I was a kid. Even then I couldn’t miss the fact that it was about a teacher obsessing about her teenage students in a unnecessarily creepy dream sequence. You cannot miss it, you can’t unsee it, and you cannot stop yourself from thinking about it when listening to the song. What. The. Hell.

Metallica – Enter Sandman: Nightmare fuel… Literally.

I grew up with Metallica and I love their ‘commercial crappy phase’ and there’s tons of videos I could choose for disturbing. Heck, James Hetfield’s face alone is disturbing enough for some people. However this one takes the cake.

“Did you say cake?”

Figure of speech, Luckas, now go away I’m in the middle of something.

“But I want cake.”

Later, Luckas!

Ehem… As I was saying… Enter Sandman is a video that scared the shit out of me because… Dude, just look at the creepy old guy, now imagine him in your room…. While you sleep… How does that not give you nightmares? *shudders*

Stone Temple Pilots – Sour Girl: Bunnytubbies from hell.

There’s… There’s just so much wrongness in this video… So much. First of all, let’s talk about them. They’re right in the very first shot of the video, you can’t miss them. WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS? It’s like a demon bunny fucked a teletubby and gave birth to those… those… ABOMINATIONS. At around 2min and 11s in they manage to get even more freaking horrifying than usual. Seriously… Holly shit. Why does everyone keep rubbing themselves against those freaks of nature? Why? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Now that we got that out of the way… Scott Weiland. Scott Weiland is doing some pathetic attempt at belly dancing and his facial expression suggests that someone forced him to shoot this video while simultaneously on ecstasy and attempting to hold in explosive diarrhea. I would shoot anyone on sight if they came at me with that facial expression and no shirt. How much did they have to pay Sarah Michelle Gellar to be in this thing? No seriously, I genuinely want to know.

As a personal note: I hate this song, I hate Scott Weiland for this phase of STP, and I hate my younger self for allowing herself to be subjected to this type of filth. There, I said it. Let’s move on.

Pearl Jam – Do The Evolution: Everything that’s wrong with the world… Literally.

I love Pearl Jam, this video is brilliant, and I have to force myself to watch it through to the end. If you have an ounce of a conscience you’ll cringe at this video without a doubt. It’s not just that the imagery is disturbing, but it’s the brutal honesty of it that gets to me every time. It’s every heinous act the human race ever has and ever will commit. It’s everything that’s wrong with the world in 4 minutes. It’s brilliant and it’s horrible.

Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun: Their FACES!

I love this song. No clue what it’s even about, but I don’t care it’s just so good. That video though… I had nightmares exactly like this video… What is wrong with these people? What is up with their faces? Why does that chick have a lizard tongue? Why? WHYYY?

R.E.M – Losing My Religion: Because.

Okay, so, I’ve mentioned how at one point of my life I’ve come to strongly resent organized religion, yes? I was nearing that point of my life when I first watched this video and for a while I became a tiny bit obsessed with it. It doesn’t help that I just love this song a bunch too. I’ve watched it about a thousand times and it never failed to make me cringe. I could write theory upon theory about what every little thing in this video stands for, but that’s not relevant to this. Basically the people in the video find a fallen angel and instead of returning him they keep him and pretty much torture him to death, because; science? I don’t know. It just looks pretty awful to me.

Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box: Pretty much everything.

If you don’t find at least one thing that creeps you out in this video then you are in dire need of psychiatric help, my friend.

Oingo Boingo – Just take your pick, seriously: Danny Elfman

I love Oingo Boingo, I really do. Danny Elfman is a musical genious in so many ways. He’s involved with the music in so many films that I couldn’t possibly list them all. Almost everything Tim Burton, for starters. That said about the guy; he was a creepy looking fucker. Really. Just look at his facial expressions during that video. That’s him in pretty much every video. Hell, I could’ve picked the video for their song about loving little girls (yep, there’s a song about that), but I picked Stay instead, because it doesn’t matter what he’s singing about Danny Elfman will always look like a freaking psychopath. Love that guy, but that’s not the face of a guy who’s asking the love of his life to stay with him, that’s the face of a guy singing to the girl he keeps locked in his basement to try and justify her kidnapping.

Hm, so… What’s our count? Eight, because I only picked one video per band. Metallica and Pearl Jam have more… Maybe on another day I’ll add to this list. For  one day I think I’ve seen enough to make for some interesting nightmares later tonight.



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