Blogging 101: Bird is The Word

Blogging 101 time! Today’s assignment is:

edit your title and tagline.

However, I won’t be doing that as I am perfectly satisfied with mine. I have no intention of changing either at this time. So instead, as the assignment post suggests…

If you’re already thrilled with your title or you want to do more, feel free to publish a post, too! Let readers know what inspired your title and tagline

…I will explain why I have no intention of changing.

I’ve been actually wondering lately if the people who read this blog more regularly and have caught many of my rambles regarding how pigeons are out to get me and Google is using birds to spy on me, if they wonder why I call myself Blackbird. I mean. Despite what my paranoid rants would lead you to believe, I don’t actually hate birds. Even if I did though; that wouldn’t really be relevant to why I’ve chosen this name for myself in the first place.

I don’t remember when exactly I adopted this name permanently. My previous username used to be TheCrazyNation, or TCN. I was in a band with a couple of friends on 7th grade, I play guitar, and The Crazy Nation was the name of that band. I eventually quit due to my crippling stage fright, but they continued under a better name. I stopped using TCN as a username, but my YouTube channel remained TheCrazyNation07 as an homage of sorts until recently when I linked it and its respective Google+ page to this blog. Now I am Blackbird there as well.

The name is attached to two characters of my book: one of The Legendary; whom I’ve mentioned in my soundtrack post, and also my main character, Allison.

Blackbird is, was, one of The Legendary. Her real name is forgotten at the time of the main events of the book and so she is remembered simply as Blackbird due to a black birthmark she had on her arm which resembled a flying bird. Ali is born with the same birthmark and so when she becomes an assassin in the Wolfpack she adopts the name as her alias. It’s one of those Batman-style “instilling fear into the hearts of your enemies” sort of deal for her, I suppose.

The name was inspired by two different sources, the first is a character in the Bernard Cornwell book, Harlequin (or the Archer’s Tale) that is referred to by the British soldiers by that name. I… Hated that character. I mean, her first appearance is interesting, but as the story progresses she evolves more and more into a manipulative bitch. That was my opinion of her anyway. *smirk*

The idea of what I wanted that character to be, however, stuck to my mind and I used that concept to create my Blackbird (the Legendary, not Allison. Ali was already fully developed at that time). What is known about her is the myth; an ideal, a concept. The actual person behind it; the flawed human being, is forgotten.

What led me to actually use that name for her though was this:

My dad died when I was very young, but he made a great impression on me, so there are many things in my book that reference him in one way or another. This song was one of three songs he knew how to play on the guitar and he played quite often because my mother loves the Beatles more than any other musical group on the planet. I grew up listening to and loving this song and I thought it would make a great theme for the character. Eventually I figured that if it was going to be the character’s theme it might as well be the name she is best know by as well. It’s cool sounding, don’t you think? 🙂

Like I said, I don’t remember exactly when Blackbird became my official online username, but it’s possible that it was when I joined on October 2010.

Blackbird’s Nest was originally the name of a diary type thread I started on another roleplay site I frequented, later on it was used for a site I created using Google Sites to store information on my roleplay characters. That site was shut down a few weeks after I started this blog using the same name. The idea behind it of course is that this blog is sort of my online domain, my territory so to speak, and for a bird that would mean a nest. Therefore: Blackbird’s Nest.

The tagline, well… Is there honestly a better way to describe what I do here? Hmmm… I’ll think about it and if I find one I’ll change it, but I think it’s pretty accurate as is.



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