10 Non-English Speaking Artists On My Playlist

Random List Time! My idea was to write a Blogging 101 post right now, but I feel like crap and I really can’t think about it right now. Worse case scenario I’ll make two posts tomorrow or something. I’m not going to be too broken up about it.

My friends often accuse me of not appreciating national and local music and say that I only like “english speaking” artists. I understand why they get that impression, I really do, but that’s entirely true. So I decided to make this list and on another occasion make a list of my favorite Brazilian songs. To share with you guys some of my favorites and stuff. 🙂

Laura Pausini:

I return to in spite of my pride

I return because there is no other choice

Remembering days in another latitude

Returning to places where I would once see you

Repeating gestures and words that I have lost

I return to you from the silence in me

Oookay, I’m not gonna translate the whole thing. I wouldn’t even if my Italian was better. I can take a shot at this only because I’ve heard it so many times by now (if you speak Italian fluently, or is Italian, and this is all wrong, just let me know and I’ll fix. ^^”).

Laura Pausini was very popular here in Brazil in the early to mid-nineties when I was a kid and til this day I really love her music. I love her voice also. This is my favorite son. Partially because of the pretty acoustic guitar, but partly because of the lyrics. I just like it. I like it a lot. 🙂


Maná is a Mexican band and I don’t remember when exactly I started liking them. I remember one of their songs became wildly popular here in 2010 and I just… HATED… That stupid song. I really couldn’t stand it. It was years later when I was in someone’s car on my way back from a birthday party and they were playing this song. I asked them what band it was and I could barely believe it when they told me. Now there are several songs of theirs in my collection, but this one remains my favorite.


Oh my God, it’s a Brazilian band!

Heh. Titãs (Titans in English, if you can’t figure out for yourself ^^”) is a very old band and I suspect they are no longer together nowadays. This song is… Heh… It’s a song about flowers. Flores means flowers. It’s a very cheerful sounding song as you might be able to tell. However it talks about death and suicide. There’s this particular segment that say “there are flowers covering the rooftop and underneath my pillow. There are flowers everywhere, there are flowers in all that I see” and that sort of makes me think of someone lying in a coffin. Maybe it’s just my mind going places, but to me the flowers in the rooftop represent flowers placed over a closed casket, because why would there be flowers in an actual roof, but eh… anywho… I’m a bit fascinated by this song and the contrast between the melody which is cheery and the lyrics… It’s just really clever. It’s just one of many songs I love by this band. It’s unfortunate they are no longer active. The lady singing, Marisa Monte is not a part of the band, but I’ll get to her in a bit. 🙂

Alejandro Sanz/Shakira:

Shakira seems strangely proud of her boobs in this video… Huh… ^.-

I’m adding these two as one entry because I don’t like enough songs to count either as an individual entry. Not to mention I just really like this song. Shakira was somewhat popular here when I was a kid, back before she started singing in English, and that phase of hers is still very enjoyable for me. Even if her current stuff is not. Alejandro Sanz is a guy that features in a lot of songs on my playlist, but in none of them he’s by himself, sooo…Yeah. >.>

Marisa Monte (ft. Ed Motta):

This lady is my favorite Brazilian singer. Her voice is just… awesome. I could listen to her for hours and hours. Not much more I can say really.

Mamonas Assassinas (This may be a bit more than I originally planned on admitting about my musical tastes on the internet… oh well):

Fuck it. I love these guys. I won’t lie.

So yeah, if you understand Portuguese… I am so very sorry about this, lol. If you don’t, can you guess by the title what that song is about? It’s about a gay cyborg and… ehem… and stuffs… I think it’s a really fun, even if a bit offensive, song about how it’s cool to be gay. ^^”

Yes they are performing in their PJ’s and that’s the most normal I’ve seen them to be honest.

These guys are unfortunately deceased. They died in a plane crash in 1996, I think. My favorite song of theirs told the lovely story of this man who was invited to an orgy but couldn’t make the date so, somehow not knowing what it was, sent his wife in his place… And then (one of those guys there singing as) the wife tells the husband what happened to her and the dude feels relieved he sent her instead… Yeeeah… I sang about all that when I was five years old not having a clue wtf I was even saying. The good old days. lol

Anywho. I still really like this band they were… really great musicians… Just their lyrics were mostly pretty offensive. 😛

Back to something a bit more normal, shall we? ^^”


I’m not very much into Reggae Music, but this song I really, really, like. I first heard it when I friend sang it for me and afterwards I went looking for the original. It’s been on my collection since.

Paralamas do Sucesso:

Aaaaaaw… So pretty…. Just… This song is so pretty. >.>

Two more? Two more!

Capital Inicial (ft. Kiko Zambianchi):

Dude, that’s a horrible shirt. It’s so fucking ugly.

Anyway… This song was one of my favorites growing up and it’s actually a part of my book soundtrack as one of Allison’s themes. Although I think I’d be giving away plot if I explained why. Portuguese speaking readers might have a bit of an advantage now, but not too much. 😛

One more? Okay… Last but not least.

Tequila Baby:

Think this may b the only artist in this list whose voice I don’t particularly like. I grew up with these guys though… Well, not literally, but I grew up listening to them and stuff. They’re a local band, and in time they grew on me. As far as local Rock goes they’re still my favorite.

So there you have it. Ten songs to prove I’m not that close-minded in my musical tastes. Hope you all found at least something in the mix that you enjoyed. I’d very much like to know if you did. 😉



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