Way To Reward My Progress!

Oh, it is ON!

You can’t win The Binding of Isaac. Even if you 100% it there’ll always be a mocking reminder on Steam of how many hours of your life were consumed in the process. >.>



5 thoughts on “Way To Reward My Progress!

      • Welcome to a rogue-like, skill can only carry you so far. Honestly though, it all depends on whether or not you are focusing on it. I have around 85% of the achievements in Left 4 Dead 2 and over 500 hours in it, some I just never get around to attempting.

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        • It’s not my usual genre. TBoI was a bit of an exception in that I tried the demo and just couldn’t stop until I completed it, not matter how terrible I initially thought the controls were or how much I raged. I’d die and be like “One more go.”. It’s very possible that half of those 1000 hours were spent trying to get past the ‘no damage’ achievements.


          • one little achievement could hold you that long if it is something so luck dependant as no damage in THoI. Enemy hit you when you walked into the room? Eh, restart kid.


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