Racism and the Media in Society (From My POV)

I have to say, this is the most intelligent post I’ve read on this subject so far.


The Write Perspective


Normally I don’t care to elaborate on such a controversial topic because anyone is almost sure to be offended by any point-of-view statements. Not that I’m trying to be a naïve little rainbow here- I’m just anti-stress when it comes to my blog. Anything I say here about it may come back to haunt me but rest assured, I’m not much of a controversial person. I am not deeply bothered by this enormous dark cloud that seems to be given new life every few months or so- thanks to the media.

I do have my rights to my own opinion. I do not speak for every person of color (any color). I’m cool with that and as far as I’m concerned if you’re still reading this you’re interested in my opinion alone.

Here it is…

I’m quite tired of the subject. Most times when I’m forced to hear about things race…

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