Blogging 101: There Might Be Some Changes Around Here

Click below to find out more 😉

I don’t know if you guys noticed, but after my 100th follower post I made some changes on my sidebar widgets and other minor things and now I’ve been following Blogging 101 (to the best of my abilities at least) and a lot of it has to do with customization. I’ve been looking into other themes and looking into other little ways to improve this blog. I may or not implement some of these changes I’ve been experimenting with, but I’m just saying: don’t be alarmed if one day things suddenly look different.

The ‘read more’ tag however is a change I’ve already implemented on my previous post and added to posts that are still on the front page as I saw fit. The only reason I haven’t been using it from the start, and I see no shame in admitting to this, is that I didn’t really know it was there. Now I do though and I intend to use it.

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while would be used to seeing mile long entries on the front page. I wasn’t too happy about that, but then… I wasn’t going to not write them either, so I decided to bear with it. From now on though it’ll take the small effort of an extra click to enjoy my rambles should they be longer than a paragraph or a funny meme I thought was amusing. Hope you guys don’t mind that too much. 🙂

As for Themes, I’m not sure if I’ll be changing mine. I really would like to keep my wolfie image, buuut… It seems to not be set as a header image and I have no idea how I put them up there. Feels like so long ago. lol

In all seriousness I don’t think I could make any other theme look more how I like it than this without paying for full customization options and I just can’t be doing that right now. Hopefully some time next year… some fancy looks and my own domain wouldn’t be too bad. Yeeeah, I’m making plans. I’ll try not to think about it too much lest I start to panic. >.>



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