I’m Not a Hater (Until I am)

So, yeeeah, fine, I admit it:I hate Justin Bieber.

He offends every single one of my senses. I would love nothing more than to punch him in his little girly face for the awfulness he’s inflicted on me and thousands of others along the course of his career.

It’s not a healthy thing, I know, and you can be reasonable and argue that there are people out there who like him and you know “just don’t listen to it”, and those are valid points, but… No, I hate that little *mutters obscenities*, the sound of his voice makes me want stab… the… EVERYTHING…


I’ve sad that I don’t hate Stephenie Meyer despite considering Twilight to be a plague onto humanity and I’ve defended Nickelback for being hated without justification, so that possibly makes me a hypocrite. I don’t care. I hate that kid. One of the happiest moments of my life was watching him get shot on CSI.

Best show ever

I’m usually very tolerant about things I don’t like. Heck, I let my friends annoy me into watching all the Twilight movies with them, but yeah… Don’t ask me to ‘Belieb’ I might vomit profusely and then punch you in the face, because I hate vomit almost as much as I hate Justin Bieber.



5 thoughts on “I’m Not a Hater (Until I am)

  1. I used to defend him when he was 13 and just trying to make it with all this hate on his shoulders. i honestly felt for him and called people out for being mean to a kid. But then he got all cocky and I thought, well he is finally over this haters thing and he is growing up, good for him. and then he start dating Selena Gomez and I thought good for him, she is cute and we get to see his first relationship and love. but then he got into drugs and acting like a complete jerk and I was …no more Justin. I am defending you no more, you spitting on your fans and pissing in a hallway… I know all (most) teenage stars are like this, they pretend to be sweet and innocent but in reality they have loads of money and they experiment with drugs, alcohol, sex etc…. He is adult now. His actions are what he will become.


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