Things I’m not Going to Worry About

Hey, guys! So my internet was out all day yesterday and is a bit… Eeeh… unstable at the moment. You’d think that not having the internets to distract me would make me sleep earlier, but nope. As I constantly tell my mom; I don’t stay awake to be online, I’m online because I can’t sleep. I just watched movies instead of YouTube videos and it was business as usual.

While the natural order of things would be that I’d be more productive without the distraction of the internet, and I wrote very little yesterday. I slack on weekends, that’s normal, but since I had little else to do seeing as I was not going out in the heat I figured might as well do some work. I did. Not much writing, but rereading and making notes, and not researching because no internet, but deciding on things to look into later today. It was productive, just not how I wanted.

I also made a list of things I won’t worry about during the writing stage of this endeavor:

  • word count (it’ll probably be fine and not at all too long >.>)
  • chapter length (because no one in the world agrees on that anyway)
  • chapter names (names are the second worse thing for me)
  • Publishing (because what do I have to publish right now, right?)
  • A map (I wanted to make one, but can’t draw to save my life)
  • Exact dates (I’m debating whether or not Stonewall needs a calendar like the one I made for Valcrest)
  • Sleep (because fuck that)
  • The rest of the World (with rare exceptions)
  • Money (haha, yeah right)

On the publishing thing, I’ve been looking at one publisher’s webpage constantly, more for motivational reasons than any other, and they publish the kind of stuff I aim this book to be. I get really excited looking at that page, so maybe I’ll rethink the whole self-publishing deal once it’s time to really make a decision.



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