Blogging 101: Eternal Fire

There’s something about fire. The idea of fire, the concept of fire, and the reality of fire, all of it seems to speak to me. It’s an element of creation and destruction, both beautiful and terrifying. Its hunger knows no bounds, its fury unstoppable. It’s raw power in its purest form. Fire is death and life at its finest.

Burning alive has to be one of the most horrifying ways a living being can meet its end. I’ve seen it happen more than once and once; only once, I’ve felt it in my own flesh. The worst part of the whole thing is the smell, without a doubt. The smell of burning flesh will cling to the inside of your nostrils and stay there for days on end. For days on end the only scent is the scent of death. I’ve gotten used to it, learned to like it, that fact probably doesn’t speak too well of me, but at this point nothing will.

Fire is me.

Deadly, unstoppable, furious, me.

I watch the flames dance over burning houses, burning flesh, burning hair, and I laugh. I laugh beside myself because it feels like an ending even if I know an ending is still so far away from me. So much was lost, so much taken, but I’m still standing in the flames; almost untouched, alive. Burning, but alive. Fire touches me and my flesh boils, blisters, the smell of searing flesh fills my nostrils for days to come, but when the flames die I still remain. Fire consumes me, then it leaves, but I remain.

“Burn my body when I die”, people say, “Let the wind scatter my ashes,” they say. They say that, but they fear death. They don’t know what luck they have. Death is the worst their nightmares can bring them. For me, death isn’t the nightmare. My nightmare is this: The fire consumes me, but it never takes me; I never scatter. I stand, alone, at the end of everything.

Fire is me.

Ash is me.



Blogging 101 time! 

Today’s assignment was to write a post based on a prompt and it so happens that I had this here prompt saved up to use on Saturday, but my internet died on Saturday and I didn’t do it. It’s a stream of consciousness post, which means that the above was written in one go and not edited in any way shape or form.

The above is also written in one of my book character’s point of view. I won’t tell you guys which. It’s not a part of the book, just a peek into her mind. It might not make sense, but don’t worry… It’s not supposed to. ^^”



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