I Really Need to Focus a Bit

Remember my blogging 101 post about writer responsibility? Yeah, I gave my opinion on that for a moment and then suddenly I started giving my opinion on it in other places as well, because, like I said; I take this shit a bit seriously. I don’t often take anything seriously, so that’s something to consider. Thing is; giving your opinion changes nothing most times, and I for once know that pretty well. So I’m just going to stop writing posts or commenting on posts about blogging. This is not what I came here to do and it’s not what I think my time would be best spent on. Let people do whatever they want and I’ll be over here doing my thing. Everybody wins; in theory at least.

I’ve realized, in the past year or so, that 99% of the stress we suffer in life or online is a choice. It doesn’t seem like it at the time, but look back to your moments stress and tell me that you couldn’t have avoided that hassle.

Things like this make me think of this scene between Luckas and another telepath that was written between my Co-GM and I in SOF some time ago. Basically he tries to invade the mind of a man this other telepath was sort of protecting and they have a little mental battle; I’ll post it here in a separate post because it is quite the interesting scene but way too long to insert here. During that scene Luke says things such as:

“In the end, we are nothing but a couple of fools trying to make each other laugh at old jokes.”


“I think this is one of the most amusing things about human behavior though, isn’t it? We all think we matter so damn much. Like you right now saying I bore you as if somehow that mattered to me. As if the fact that I failed to make you interested would keep me up at night forever. It’s like I said… Everything you and I are doing here is pointless. It doesn’t matter. Because you are as meaningless to me as I am to you.”

When I think of 99% of discussions I’ve had online, as cordial as they have been; they amount to the same result. Time is wasted and nothing changes. Considering that I have actually written the above dialogue, I should have taken my own advice, but nope. I keep doing it. I think it’s time I start making different choices; like putting my head down and working on my projects instead.



5 thoughts on “I Really Need to Focus a Bit

  1. I understand what you’re saying here. I do think your blogging post offered some sound words. I got something out of it. But I also understand the urge to redirect focus to your own projects, etc. (or what I refer to in my own life, as the things I can control).

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    • I appreciate you saying so, seeing as you’ve got a lot more practice in that area than I do. 😉

      I do get caught up in some topics too easily to be making a habit out of these discussions. Especially when I could be obsessing over more productive, or in the very least more entertaining, things.


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