Gods and Warriors

If I got a nickel every time I heard that question… *sigh*

For my second chapter I decided I need to get my mythology together and since this is a half-new addition to my world, I’m going to take a while to put it together in somewhat coherent writing from what I’ve gathered in my mind.

Religion in Stonewall is  separated in a pre-Legendary era, referred to as the Old Religion by the common folk, and post-Legendary era, referred to as the New Religion. That means that the Gods of worship were forsaken in favor of the Legendary who came to be considered Gods among men due to the fact they possessed  abilities considered to be above human limitations.

I had not bothered to give much depth to the old religion in previous versions of this book and I have realized what a missed opportunity that was. So now I have Gods to create. *tries not to let the power go to her head*

I also need to make notes on how the New Religion relates to the Old and how both sects relate to the existence of magic (let’s say that the new religion is a tidbit more open, but not entirely tolerant). I also need to list my basic elements (there are nine of them in Stonewall as opposed to our four/five) and how they in turn relate to magic.

Confused yet? Because I am a little bit. ^^”

 Despite the confusion of the ideas in my head, the most difficult part of this will still be the names. Some of the Legendary Warriors’ names are not to my liking and I am yet to name my Gods. I’d like them to actually have names as opposed to Valcrest where the Twins are named after the physical/spiritual elements they are meant to represent. Names… They’ll be the death of me one day.

This is what I have been doing today and will be doing for the rest of my weekend, most likely. Hopefully when the evil that is Monday returns to torment me with daily life responsibilities I will have it done.

So see you later guys, I’m off to browse the baby name sites some more. >.>



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