TV Shows People Really Need To Stop Bitching About

Hey, guys! Well, as you all know, I like to roam the internets in search of things to distract me from whatever it is I told myself I should really be doing. Amongst the many, many, things I enjoy on my procrastinating time, there are sites that offer articles in list form, such as and Whatculture and I especially love articles about movies and TV shows. That said; some stuff has been said way too much. It’s time to really shut the hell up about it.

Family Guy:

I don’t caaaare

I know, I know… Seth MacFarlane is an arrogant douche.They killed Brian we hate them. Then they brought him back, and we hate them more. It’s not funny anymore, everyone’s unfair to Meg. Stewie’s reduced to a gay stereotype. It’s offensive for the sake of it. Giant chicken, Conway Twitty… Blah, blah… Are we done?

The Big Bang Theory:

It really is.

Okay, let’s get one thing strait, yes? Exaggeration is often part of comedy. If your best argument for why this show is bad is “omg nerd stereotypes” then just fuck off. Fuck right off this instant. If you’re a scientist and this show offends you then I’m sorry, but you have self esteem issues and no sense of humor. Not to mention you can’t be all that bright if you think that any normal well-adjusted human being will look at any comedy show and think this is how the world works. My brothers are scientists and they both love this show. They introduced me to this show. And I still think it’s pretty great.


Fossils: this show is pretty much one by now.

Why is this even still a topic of conversation? It’s literally 20 years old. Whatever was wrong with it is beyond irrelevant. For heavens sake get over it.


I think they were all dead… In an alternate dimension… or something… Eh, who gives a fuck?

Can’t we just forget this ever happened, please?

Doctor Who:

It’s perfect, okay? Doctor Who is perfect. So shut up, you haters. >.>

The Walking Dead:

Why the fuck can’t people just enjoy things!?

I don’t care about zombie movies. I’ve only actually liked the original Night of The Living Dead (best ending in the history of film lol) and the first couple of Resident Evil flicks. The Walking Dead is the first zombie related anything that I actually LOVE. So I don’t care where they keep finding bullets and I don’t care that it portrays everyone who attempts to recreate some semblance of an organized society as a power hungry maniac. Organized society can suck it as long as there are still crossbows and katanas in the world.

I was going to mention MLP as well, but… It’s never about the show, it’s always about the fanbase. And I’ll admit that complaining about Brony haters is something that also needs to just… Stop. Yes, it’s unfair that people automatically assume you’re a weirdo for being a grown ass man who likes to watch a children’s cartoon, but stop whining about discrimination. As far as I’m aware there is no law anywhere that says you need to inform every single person you know of the shows you watch and if you naturally insert ponies into every conversation you have, then you need to consider the fact that you’re annoying the shit out of the whole world.

So there; that’s my rant for the day. Maybe now I’ll go back to… doing… what I was… supposed to… be doing…  Ehem. >.>



6 thoughts on “TV Shows People Really Need To Stop Bitching About

  1. Well said. I don’t give a moldy rat’s ass about all the whining about Walking Dead. Should we ever have a zombie apocalypse, I want those dudes on my side, even if they’re just in my fevered imagination. This show is awesome. Period.

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    • There was a lot of complaining, especially around season 7, that the show was declining and that it needed to end. I haven’t read anything more recently though because I’m not caught up on season 8. ^^”


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