Making Slow Progress

I’ve named three of my Gods, with five left to go. I tried using a generator, but I just didn’t like anything it gave me; which is kind of funny since Sarah used it for her own project and when she showed me the names she picked out I thought they were pretty great. I guess it just doesn’t fit with what I want though. When I have a full list of names and a small paragraph on each deity I might post it here. 🙂

Also, I really want to have a story with a God named Bob. It’s a mental note I’ve made during this whole ordeal. I think it would be a blast to have characters exclaim things like “For Bob’s sake!” or “Bob Damn it!” in a totally serious situation.

One day. lol



2 thoughts on “Making Slow Progress

    • I know a few. Some sites are better than others for certain things though. For instance, if you have a name you like already and want to see what it means, there is, it seems to be the most accurate for name meanings, but if you want a bunch of names that mean a certain something so you can pick from is one of the best. You just use the search feature in there for what you want and it gives a solid list of names. For this endeavor I used a combination of both these sites and fierce googling and still struggled a little bit though. Gods are just choosy like that. >.>


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