In Search of a New Theme (and possibly a new header image)

I’ve been fiddling with themes for a while now. I really want to change the look of this blog. There are a couple that I might experiment with soon; leave it on for a few days or a week to see how I like them on a daily basis, but I’m not exactly sure how exactly I want to change the look of this blog. Because I do want to make some changes.

Amongst the changes I want to make is my header image. I know I previously said I wanted to keep it, but I’ve been thinking of making a custom header or finding another type of image. I’ve been thinking of something a bit more fiery maybe. Change my color pallet from the grey-black-blue I’ve been stuck with.:)

My theme is not the best for viewing in tablets and smartphones also, which is not a very good thing nowadays, not to mention I’m honestly getting bored with it. The things I need on a theme which are a customizable header and the ability to change the background color of my posts to something dark (for the sake of my eyes, because light backgrounds start to hurt me past certain hours of the night), are easy to find. What I’m not sure is what type of look I want, and there are plenty of options to choose from. Hmmmmph. O_O

I’m going to be trying out some things in the next few weeks; a static front page with featured posts, custom featured images, and alike. And this time I won’t just be messing with things in the background, I’ll actually activate new themes and try them on for a few days. For that reason, don’t be alarmed; and if anything looks too horrible, do complain, because I’ll want to know.

For now though, I’m going to watch some things on YouTube and just… Take it easy. I’m definitely coming down with something again. :/



2 thoughts on “In Search of a New Theme (and possibly a new header image)

  1. I’ve been there, friend. I can’t explain with full understanding to some how hard it is to pick out a theme here on WP. The options are nice but they all seem so- common? I don’t know, I just wish you good luck in finding something that you’ll be at least a little happy with. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll always want to change it- lol.


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