Fun With Headers (and colors)

Okay, so I think I solved my color issue once and for all now. If you refresh the page enough times you may notice that my header now varies in color. Preeetty, right? 🙂

For those of you not in WordPress very long, it might not be exactly obvious what I did here. I could say that it’s magic and I’m awesome, but what I did to achieve this is pretty simple really, so it’s only fair that I explain it step by step.

Step one: Find awesome header.

No need to really hold your hand through this stage, is there? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Step Two: Resize/Crop your image

It’s best to crop or resize your image before uploading. Technically you can crop an image as you upload it as a header, but it doesn’t seem to work well for me, so I just don’t use it. On the theme customization options, under ‘Header’, it gives you the exact dimensions of your Header space; use those. I use MS Paint for this, but you know… any image editor will let you crop or resize an image… and you probably already know this.

Step Three: FotoFlex the shit out of it.

I uploaded my image to FotoFlexer and used a tool called “Tint” to apply a color to it, I also used the ‘advanced settings’ to control the intensity of the tint. I applied a color, saved to my computer, then hit undo and applied different color… I repeated this process until I had several colored versions of my image saved to my computer.

Step Four: Upload to Library

Upload all your colored images to the Worpress Media Library. You can do this through your Dashboard or you can do it on the Header tab of Theme customization screen by clicking ‘add new image’. I prefer uploading them to the Library before hand.

Step Five: Add The Everything!

Add each image as a header image on your Theme customization screen. You have to add the images one by one and it’s important that after clicking “select and crop”, when you go into the ‘crop your image’ stage you click skip cropping” as your image will already be in the perfect size for your header space.

Step Six: Randomize!

Once you have your images all added to you Header tab, simply click the “randomize uploaded headers” option. Save and you’re done!

So there you go. It’s a neat little trick, isn’t it?



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