Bedtime Stories

“You have a long, difficult, path ahead of you, kid,” Bob whispered as he watched the girl’s sleeping form from the corner of the room. “One day – maybe not tomorrow,  or the day after that, but one day soon – light will fill this room, just like it does every morning, and something will be different.” He smiled fondly as she stirred, but remained lost in whatever pleasant dreams had come to her that night. “You’ll feel it in some way that won’t make sense to you, as if something was missing that you can’t remember ever being there. You’ll shake your head and laugh it off. You’ll tell yourself that nothing was there and you’re being silly. Something was there though, Kid. I was there. In a way, I still will be; and that’s going to be the difficult part, for both of us.”

Bob silently paced from his corner to the side of the bed now as he spoke. “See, now; right this instant, I can help you. When the world it too frightening, when reality feels too huge and overwhelming I can be here, we can laugh together, and that alone proves that in this large, terrifying, universe there’s magic.” Bob halted, facing away from the sleeping child. “One day, not too far in the future, and Kid, trust; that day will come for you as it does for everyone, you will look around and you will search the four corners of your room for something, anything, that you can still believe in. On that day, I will want to let you know that that’s okay, that however endless they feel, all moments eventually pass. You won’t hear me then. You won’t see me then.” Bob chuckled softly at the sleeping child. “It’s a strange thing how this works. Soon you will no longer need me. When you do need me again, you will no longer believe me. If I’m strong enough I’ll be a distant feeling of something lost, a sad smile that comes out of nowhere in a moment of silent reflection… a pleasant dream that fades from memory in the light of day. At best, many, many years from now, I’ll be a story you tell your own kids on a stormy night to chase the fears away. If I’m lucky one of them will see me then, but if not that’s okay too. One way or another, real or imagined; we’re all stories in the end.”


So funny thing: I was reading this post here a bit earlier and it reminded me of a prompt Sarah gave me a while back, that I saved because I really liked, and it made me really want to use it now:

Yes, it says “he’s growing up” but I wanted my kid to be a girl.

So there you have it. Just a random something written on impulse.


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