With every passing minute..

Oh, how I relate to this.


A Space Within

With every passing minute as I stare blankly at this page, I realize that the reason why it’s blank is because I want it to be full, and it’s not full because I’m afraid I won’t be good enough to make it full, and so I avoid writing a word because once I write a word I would have thus begun and if I don’t follow it up with another word and then another until the page is full, I will have failed.

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2 thoughts on “With every passing minute..

  1. Oh yes. I know that feeling (backspace backspace backspace….) Uh huh. (Exclamation mark? Probably not, I don’t want to be a drama queen) backspace backspace backspace. I concur. (Two R’s in concurr? Backspace).

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