Spiders and Sharks

My brother just succeeded to kick a spider out of my room. No, I don’t care that it’s not dead as long as it’s out the window and two stories down, away from my bed. Live and let live. Whatever. I’m not going to lie awake wandering if the stupid thing might randomly crawl on my face; that’s all I care about.

That said, I’ve been caught up in reading entries on Query Shark, as per the advice of Ryan Lanz’s Toolbox. No, I’m not exactly thinking ahead of myself and writing a query. Doing that with only a paragraph written into my second chapter would be premature. However, I’ve been lurking around that site for a little while now and not actually reading it… Last night I couldn’t sleep because it was just too hot and I started on it. Since I’ve not been in a writing mind set this Monday exactly, due partly to the heat, but also my allergies, I just kept reading on.

Hey, one day I’m going to write a query and that site asks that you read the archives… All of it… before even thinking about submitting your own. Well, if I’m stuck on my own writing and/or can’t sleep, I might as well get started. Besides, I’ve never written a query, so I want to read up on it as much as I can. Only logical that I do. 🙂



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