I’ve used the word ‘simply’ about 50 times too many in this chapter.

If everything was so fucking simple Allison wouldn’t be homeless and facing the prospect of starving to death in a very near future. She’d be home eating cake and letting the grown ups have all the worries.

No one would want to read that.

I need to cut these habits before I punch myself to death :/



3 thoughts on “Simply

  1. My overused word is “just”. It was just another day, he was just shot in the face, he just watched as his kid fell off a cliff. I really want to cut that word out of my forebrain, I just wish I could.

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    • I’ve been reading a lot of entries to QueryShark ( and one piece of advice I read there was to use the search feature on Word to seek out certain words and then get rid of them where they are not ABSOLUTELY needed in a sentence. So that’s what I’ve done with mine. Because I know my vices, I’m just not good at noticing them on creative mode. 😛


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