Random Rant Time: As A Brazilian I say: F*ck You

Found this in the SteamGifts forums today:

…never trust brazilians, they are the cancer from internet and ruins everything… Most of the users that were exploiting the whole thing and were tracked down are brazilians. Thx compatriotas.

EDIT: So as most people couln’t recognize the purpose of the post:

It’s just a joke and a rant. It’s not to be taken too seriously, but aside from it I think traders should be more careful about brazilians in general. Most of brazilian steam users are children (I can’t confirm it, but that’s what i can see in the groups I used to be in FB) so they doesn’t seem to imagine what is the matter of doing exploits or scams.

No, I don’t care if you’re supposed to be joking, ranting, or exaggerating or whatever. I am a perfectly reliable person. So are all my friends and every member of my family. I’ve never promised anything I didn’t follow through on, I’ve never been anything other than a friendly and polite member of every online community I’ve ever involved myself with. I am NOT a cheater. Nor do I know anyone who is.

Valve’s event was ridiculous for starters. Basically you could convert your inventory items to gems and use it to bid on games. Every trading card (the ones I had anyways) ranged between 5 and 30 gems each and the bids on game auctions at 3am when I saw this were 12k something (on the cheapest game). The only reason I converted was to get booster packs to maybe complete trading card sets I lack. The ONLY use for those gems to me was that. Then I noticed that in the Community market there were packs of gems for sale for 3 cents. 3:30 in the morning, I was very sleep deprived, I thought I was reading wrong or something. I clicked and it was too busy. Gave me an error. I immediately thought that 3 cents for 1000 gems was ridiculous. I felt something like this would happen. Fucking hell man, did Valve seriously not think there was a flaw with that plan?

Now they pulled the event and I have 653 of those fucking gems in my inventory. To top that off I have to put up with some moron bashing my country (his own fucking country) because people exploited this “oh so brilliant” mechanic. Being brazilian does not excuse shit like this. If it was a joke it’s not funny, if it was a rant keep to your fucking self.

Just because you have a former president’s face on your user avatar doesn’t mean you speak for all of us. In fact it makes you the less qualified person I can think of to speak for us.



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