When a Character Is a Bit TOO Good

Hey, guys! Don’t know why, but I’ve got TV shows on my mind a lot today. Go figure.

So, I’ve been watching this show, Forever, for a while now. It’s about a guy, Henry Morgan, who doesn’t age and can’t die because; reasons. Actually, the point is exactly that he doesn’t know why, so as long as the writers have thought out a reason for later, I’m not going to bitch about it yet.

Here’s what I am going to bitch about a little bit; Henry is, I think, a couple hundred years old. He had a lot of time to learn things and he’s taken on many professions along those centuries. He’s a very old and very knowledgeable character. That’s a bit of a problem, because he’s not the detective of the show. He’s the Medical Examiner who tags along with the detectives. It becomes a problem because he’s better at solving crimes than the detectives. Also because I think the writers of this show put so much effort into Henry that they neglected to write detective who aren’t complete and total idiots about simple stuff.

I watch this show and I love this show for many other reasons, but this irks me. It irks me so damn much.

For instance, in this one episode the murder victim’s father sees the killer’s cufflinks on the detective’s desk. His face gets all weird and so she’s like “Do you know who these belong to.” and the guy says no, but he’s still all jumpy and weird. and then he takes off immediately. I’m no detective, but that dude was lying and there’s only one reason a father wouldn’t tell the police who their son’s killer is. Did she have someone follow Dad to see if he would lead to the killer? Noooo.

Cut to a few scenes later and Dr. Henry is talking the Dad out of shooting the Killer.

It’s okay that your lord-knows-how-many-hundred-years old character is smarter than everyone else, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to make everyone else completely incompetent. Not unless your name is Arthur Conan Doyle. But hey, even Elementary’s Sherlock actually needs his police connections, or at least Watson, in order to solve his cases.

I’m pretty sure Detective Pretty must have made some arrests before meeting Dr. Know-It-All otherwise she wouldn’t be employed (I hope), so you might as well give her a bit of credit.

You can’t make your non-detective character out-detective all your detectives all the time. It gets boring really, really, fast.



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