I Need To Let This One Sit

I had to take a break from the novel I was just reading. I’m not going to name the novel because I plan reviewing it in the future, but… *sigh*

There are little things that just make me want to stop reading a book even if I had been enjoying it. Not things that make me think “This person CAN’T WRITE.”, no. Things that personally annoy me. One of them is unrealistic archery. Yup.

I learned to fire a bow and arrow specifically for writing Ali. I researched medieval longbows, I researched bow making, arrow making, archery gear… There are slightly out of the ordinary things she will do, but there is magic involved in that.

Unless there is some form of sorcery involved, for fucks sake, don’t tell me an arrow can pierce through a steel chestplate.


I’ve (my character) killed a knight in full armor with an arrow in SOE. It’s not difficult to solve that issue; shoot the armored fucker in the eye, through an opening in his helm. Don’t pierce steel with an arrow. I will put your book down the moment I read that. I swear to Bob, I will.


It’s okay. I’m going to keep reading. Dragon Girl/Archer Vs Evil Dragon/People… I can’t just not know how that goes, but…




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