Christmas Day/ Blog Updates

Hey Guys!

This morning I spoke to my best friend (he moved away to Rio, remember?) on the phone, and… He spent Christmas with family out of town, but he’s visiting us tomorrow or the next day. If you all recall, this friend so happens to be an atheist. His parents are not; they’re devout Catholics in fact. While that sometimes causes issues between them, as one might expect, they have a good relationship regardless. I’m explaining all of this because this particular friend said something to me on the phone that I thought was pretty interesting.

I mentioned to him the whole “Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays” situation and that some people get offended with hearing one or the other… He laughed and said “Getting mad at someone for how they greet you during the holidays is like calling someone from another country racist for saying ‘I love you’ in their own language. People should care less about words and more about meaning.”

While I’m not one to usually recommend people care less about words. I’m inclined to agree with that.

Right now my sis is on her way with the kiddies and we’ve all got presents waiting for them. Pretty sure she’s gonna kill me for getting my niece that nerf bow. lol


I started playing Skyrim again yesterday. My mom kept breathing down my neck while I was trying to cook, so I was like “Fine mom!” and let her do all the stuff. Then I went to my room and started a new game, with a new character. If I can play regularly and it does not interfere with my writing schedule then maybe I’ll start a journal for this character like I was doing for Gabriel. We’ll see. He seems like he’d be a fun one to write.

I have books to read that I intend to review and SO MUCH writing to get done by the end of the year if I want a complete manuscript, but for now I’m taking a break from it all. I kinda made a promise to myself that If I manage, by some miracle, to finish the writing itself by November I’m going to do NaNo… To celebrate… Because I’m that much of a crazy person apparently. lol

Other than that it’s posting as usual here at the Nest. First week of 2015 might bring some inactivity due to a visit to grandpa in No Internet Land. So there’s that. 😉

Hope you’re all having a fun time over where you are. I’m gonna go play some more Skyrim before the kids get here. ^^



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