On Track


My goal for today is to write 2.000 words or (preferably) more. It’s not that much, at least not to me it isn’t, but with my sister’s kids here it’s quite the challenge. At least inspiration is back. I think I have the great amount of RP related planning I did yesterday in my head while watching Sarah write on one of our shared Google docs. Watching someone else write on one of those is like watching a live show. It’s so fascinating. Clears my mind right up. πŸ™‚

I’m about 600 words short of my goal, but it’s still early so I’m allowing myself some confidence right now. I’ve got my music on, door is locked, and I just stopped for a few minutes to get a soda and write this post.

Now back to work!



4 thoughts on “On Track

  1. πŸ‘


  2. One may think it’s awkward to be watched while writing but I find it easier to ask a question about what I’m doing when they can understand it. Such as vocabulary..when words elude me…or question research related because I suck at research some days. Especially if it includes finding some tidbit of knowledge I wrote or YOU wrote and I can’t bloody find it. (DID WE EVER NAME THAT BABY? IS IT DANIEL?) lol. I also find it great to see if someone shares in my excitement or amusement in a scene, which I will know by the many expressions skyped to me in the process. >.> I wuvvles my Stalker Wife.

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