The Obligatory New Year’s Resolution Post

Hey guys! Happy New Year!!!

I was going to write this last night, but you know I drank a bit more than half a bottle of some cheap fizzy alcoholic thing my mom accidentally picked up instead of champagne and I was a bit… ehem… dizzy. ^^”

Sooo this resolution thing… I don’t usually do those. I’m not big on promises, but I read somewhere that writing down your goals helps you focus on them, this is what I’m doing today. I’m not making promises or putting anymore unnecessary pressure on myself than I already do. I’m just trying to focus on those important things I need to get done asap.

My resolutions are fairly simple:

– Read more

– Write as much as humanly and inhumanly possible

– Sleep a little better

– Try to be more social

– Not be too hard on myself when I inevitably fail to be more social

– Drink less soda and more water

– Make some actual money maybe; that’d be nice.

That is all. It seems fairly simple doesn’t it? If I have to pick only one to actually accomplish…. Well, I want to get a readable manuscript finished by the end of the year. Readable doesn’t necessarily mean publishable, mind you; and it probably won’t, but a full story from start to finish that I can present to beta readers; that’s doable by the end of the year. I know it is.

So that’s the goal right now. The only goal. I feel like this is something I’ve postponed for way too long and if I were to, God forbid, die tomorrow not getting this story told as it should would be my greatest regret. That sounds a bit dramatic, maybe, but it’s true. I put a lot of work into this book as is. It wasn’t enough to make it work because I needed to grow up and look at it with different eyes, but… I don’t have that excuse anymore. I know that I can write it now, all I need is to do the work.

Starting next week. Because I’m off to visit my grandpa tomorrow and I don’t see a lot of work getting done while I’m away.



6 thoughts on “The Obligatory New Year’s Resolution Post

  1. Ah…I don’t have a single resolution because I know half of them aren’t things I can do and the other half are things I have already done. :-/ I feel so left out reading all these posts now!
    But yeah, warning : Being more social means being around idiots more and that means your chances of killing an idiot and going to jail are also increased. Follow that one at your own risk.

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