House Sitting…

Hello minions! I mean, followers and friendly readers alike. >.> I’m Sarah and I agreed to keep watch over my friend’s blog for her while she is away. Blackbird or Camila, AKA my Wife, is away for a week (as she mentioned) and hopefully she has a safe and happy trip. I’m sure we’ll hear about it if otherwise.

If you are at all interested in learning about me, then click here. Camila and I met a few years ago (OMG time flies), online when I joined her story ‘Shadows Of The Forgotten’ on We grew rather quickly from acquaintance writers to very good friends, where we now chat almost every day. This week without her will be hard, but we have survived these blackouts before.

wires in tree

@.@ Is this going to make me forget she was ever gone?


We have had a bit quiet time on the RP as it is down to three or four of us now, so it has been a bit slow in the task of finishing the story, but we can do it.Things will get moving again soon, especially since we have many things written and ready to go. Writing those future scenes have kept our insanity…I mean sanity. >.> We are just waiting on some posts to get the day in the story moving again. I am very excited for what is coming because these plans have been stewing for at least a year or more. Again, many scenes are already written out for the most part. Sometimes, that preemptive motivation causes us some rewrites, but that is to be expected. Generally, we do less rewrites in the RP than in comparison with writing our own novels. Camila is much farther in that adventure than I am, for quite a few reasons. For myself, I work forty hours a week and there are a couple hobbies of mine that take up the rest of the time in my day before working on my story. I wood burn designs in an assortment of wooden cutting boards, plaques, odds and ends, and furniture. I am just starting to sell those, but mostly they are made as gifts. I also am a fellow gamer and when I can pry  my husband off his PS4 from Destiny, then I obsess over my current selection of Thief, Assassin’s Creed (I have them all), and Dragon Age. Once I have completed a couple more wood burning projects, I can free up some time to stare at the map I created to my story. Best idea I’ve had in giving myself ideas on my world building.

So, I will drop in at least a couple more times here to say hi. I have several ideas I have been thinking of writing about and  some of them I will use for Camila’s blog. If I don’t succeed in organizing these posts to her liking, I’m sure she’ll reorganize it when she comes back.  Until then, I’ll just sit here and drink my coffee.


Camila mailed this to me from Brazil! Best Coffee mug EVER. I think she knows me pretty well.



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