Monday Dreams…

Everyone surviving their Monday?


Anyone could achieve center mass that close to the target…>.>

Mondays are usually my day of, which I happen to enjoy. Today I was able to sleep in. I am almost thirty one now and I realize how much more I do appreciate sleep than I did ten years ago. To be fair though, my actual ‘Monday’ will  begin on Tuesday when I go back to work. As I did sleep in, I managed to have one of those dreaming escapades that each time you wake up and go right back to sleep, you continue that same dream story. I actually remember most of it, even though as expected, much of the details don’t make sense. Nevertheless, I will share my adventures with you.

First, I’d like to explain some things about how my mind works. I can have dreams days ago that I remember and continue the story much later on. I don’t always continue it on the same night. There are also times, like many, that I don’t get to finish the story at all. When I was a child, I had a series of nightmares that my grey cat Simon (who I loved) was trying to kill me. Now the reasons for this were played out over the years. It was either he was possessed, or had an evil kitty twin. I remember saying to myself when I was awake one day, that I needed to find a way for these to end. I can’t remember all the details of how or why it happened, but I remember dreaming I found my cat in my parent’s basement and cautiously called his name, holding some sort of weapon as I was ready to strike. He just looked up at me and meowed. This, might I point out, never happened because he would walk and talk like an evil Pulls N Boots.


All credit of artwork goes to Leagueof1 from Deviant art.


Zombie cat! I seem to recall Camila having a series of dreams about zombie cats. *giggles* Anyways, I remember sighing with relief that it was ‘over’ and honestly don’t recall ever having those nightmares again. So, there was an ending to that story.

Ever have the ability to control your dreams? Sometimes I can, if I am aware that I am dreaming and not completely sucked into the story. There have been honest to god moments where I either call or go find a superhero, such as Batman/Bruce Wayne to save me from the villain of sorts in my dream. I also have been able to summon or create weapons or items of necessity when I focus hard enough. My dream seems to feed off of that and it becomes a key point in the story where I overcome adversity and succeed. Sometimes I fly too, but I actually have to run to get a head start like a freaking airplane. Hilarious.

Alright, get to the dream already. I knooow. *ehems* I’ll try to summarize it as best I can.

A couple of nights ago I dreamed I had fallen through some portal into an alternate reality from this world. Honestly, when awake, I kept criticizing how it was different from this world because everything that I encountered was the same, except that the people might not know me.  Perhaps I didn’t exist in this reality? I recall reaching out to Camila and trying to convince her that I was from an alternate dimension  by dishing out everything I know about her. I don’t know if she believed me, but I definitely had her attention and I made it a point to travel to Brazil to meet her. I never got there though.

Last night/this morning I dreamed I was at my parent’s home expecting guests to show up for my birthday. A small celebration of friends and food, nothing crazy. Maybe about a dozen friends showed up, including people I have never met in real life, but who am I to question free gifts right? There was this one girl who had dark hair and pale skin. She was pretty but honestly, don’t recall her name. For the sake of our sanity we shall name her Amara. So Amara brought us all into a room together and asked us to help her with an important project for charity. I am not sure what it was for but we all agreed. The project was to create one of those parade dragons people wear on themselves and dance down the streets to bring the being to life.


This one is just an example because they are using poles to hold the dragon above them. The one we created had light materials for the body and the head was big enough to fit over a person so that they could move it around as we ran a muck in the streets. At least that was the plan. We built it and practiced and when the time came to go to the parade, it ended up being quite the hardship for all of us to make it there with the dragon.

When I get there, it is night and the parade has already started. Our prop somehow has morphed and been upgraded to a larger version of what we created, and is decorating a train that is passing through the city streets. Apparently we are now in New York City and there are trains in the streets; kind of like a trolley. I don’t know how but Amara believed this thing to be real or wanted it so much that it suddenly was real and a very hungry dragon began swooping down upon the citizens.

So we scattered and there we met a very handsome but egocentric prick. We shall name him Asher. He was helpful in assisting myself, Amara, and a few others to safety but he hit on anything that moved. However, he did seem to hold a certain fancy for Amara which is where we discover he is a prince of some sorts. I of course make some witty joke about how he better not expect me to bow down to him and Amara cracks a dirty joke about how she wouldn’t mind getting on her knees. Joy. Thanks brain for that.

To sum it up, Asher seems to know a lot of lore, legends, and history about anything and everything; more importantly paper mache dragons coming to life and why. He seems to be holding back on who he believes Amara to be or at least her line of ancestors. Asher also shows us a drawing of this creepy dagger that he is trying to find, saying it hasn’t been seen since the days of Sleeping Beauty.


When was there EVER some creepy, sacrificial dagger in Sleeping Beauty? Also, I believe my brain messed up. I believe it meant Snow white because of the story the prince tells. Apparently the evil Queen used it many times in her rituals and it was something the huntsman was to use on her when he was sent to cut out her heart. That was the last time it was seen, especially since he didn’t complete the task. The blade is black and green, similar to the thickness of a sword but with a dragon design hilt, metallic wings and tail wrapping all the way around the blade. (And here’s where I wonder if Amara is a descendant of Snow White)

Bells and whistles are going off, that this dude maybe can’t be trusted. I don’t know why yet, but he bugs me. Anyways, we all end up out of the city to this beautiful place by the sea. There’s vast, green forests with over sized trees that don’t seem real and rocky mountainous terrain. Here, we come to find out, there are many dragons on the loose, but most serve someone. Turns out they serve this Asher’s father who  is part of a cult. Some clues are given to make me see that Asher is still a dick but he has his own agenda and not his father’s. Details of the main objective, beside the dagger, are unknown still, but Amara is captured by a Dragon that has a small cage hanging off it and she is imprisoned inside of. I myself, remember being hoisted onto the back of a dragon and flown to safety, discovering it was a rogue that could talk. He obviously was not working for this cult. Reminds me of this guy.


Of course mine was more colorful. Aww, I love that movie. Can’t believe they keep making them though as I just found out a third is due to video. Straight to video is usually a sign of it’s quality, but I’ll still end up watching it. Sorry, distraction.

So, myself and my friend Dana (who has been the only person I know in real life who has been tagging along for this entire adventure) get set down somewhere random; or so we think. Turns out there are other people who don’t know of our plight, but they are there to help nonetheless. Apparently most people in this ‘universe’ only know a version of the truth. Sounds about right, but I keep those facts to myself. We all pile into one of three vehicles to continue our escape, because, duh, we are being followed naturally. The driver is speeding and taking sharp turns around cliffs and along rocky shorelines as if the freaking T-Rex from Jurassic park is on our tail. The scenery was quite breathtaking, I will say. The sun rising  over the ocean waves and trees the size of skyscrapers touching those painted skies. Then someone says randomly that the background is all CGI  and only our immediate surroundings are real. Another person asks me if I know where we are. O.O Um…on the set of a movie? What the hell is going on!? In a sarcastic rant, that I can not quite recall the exact words, a girl turns around in her seat to basically mock me. She asks what ‘they’ call me. I said I don’t really have a nickname but people either address me by my first or last name. Apparently everyone on this van like vehicle (which walls were adorned with crossbows and weapons alike) has a code name they go by. My last  name is Loomis and close friends just call me by that. I like it and thus never changed my name when I got married to my husband in real life. So, I give her that in my dream: Loomis. The girl then proceeds to laugh and go all wide eyed as she tells me a story of how far back that name goes. She proceeds to say that in biblical terms, the Whore of Babylon’s last name was Loomis. In much convincing detail she explains how I am doomed and will never fair well in a relationship. She remains elusive in much of her explanation, hinting in an ominous tone that because of who I am, may just be the downfall of them all. 

This is when I wake up the final time and don’t go back to sleep. Fuck that bitch. Babalon, in the story, was destroyed. I can’t be a descendant! >.< 

I swear, my brain was leaking Dragon Age for influence and probably  many other movies as well. Also there are a few ways to look at this last bit when I google it. A Fictional View A historic View  A Religious View to make some sort of sense of my dream/story, perhaps this girl was taking the fictional and religious views and mashing them together. Was my ancestor a magical and evil symbol of the devil who rode on the back of a beast? Or was she possibly a very well known prostitute who escaped the downfall of the city? @.@ Not to mention the religious piece is from revelations and my dream is making it like a piece of history, as if it DID occur in that reality’s past. It’s just a dream and I need to stop over thinking the story, but I am just so damn interested on what happens! Until the next time…


Please don’t hesitate to leave thoughts or opinions below or share a random dream of your own! Thanks for listening!



3 thoughts on “Monday Dreams…

  1. Last night in the chaos of my mind, I was speaking Spanish to a child and thinking back on it, my subconscious was correct. Perhaps is the time to push myself to actually learn another language and not just bits and pieces here and there. ^.^


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