So They Thought I Had A Stroke…(Jam)

I called out of work today because the On-Call Dr. for my Neurologist told me essentially I should go to the hospital and if I can’t get a ride, I should call 911. I imagine people hearing this and freaking out, right? I just get kind of mad, but retain my composure and just repeat the answer back in a question to verify, because some of these symptoms had happened two days ago and I seem ok. Nope, go. Joy.

To be fair, I suffer from chronic, complicated, Migraines. Yep, it’s on paper that I’m complicated. Ha, who knew? >.> A full week of migraines and headaches but it just wouldn’t go away. Sometimes, it is a symptom of getting sick and it’s not so bad that I can’t get through the day on Excedrin or something. I have a small area on my leg that felt numb. It was the side of my right knee, right side about the area of a baseball. I kept changing how I sat to make sure  it’s not something stupid. I was either sitting up straight or in a recliner. 

Another symptom I had, that could be an early sign of Diabetes, was that I had a period of time my blood sugar would dropped. I assume, because when I describe the sudden ‘faded feeling,’ clammy sweat, tingling sensation, that’s what they tell me. It especially is a factor since once I ate something, no matter how small, I felt better. Ok.

They Did a CAT Scan and off through a donut that made me think of that portal in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Yep, I was raised by watching tv with a Trekkie. It’s cool. Worm Hole; that is the term here.


Okay, so maybe it didn’t look exactly like this. Lol.


My favorite series would be Next Generation, Deep Space and all the movies. Distraction.

So, I was more annoyed than anything, because I didn’t think I was having a stroke or something. I just knew I was having a really hard time, so I called my Mom and she drove me. Thirty years old and I still go to my mom sometimes when I am ill. I thanked her many times for hanging out with me, and we just talked while we waited four hours from sign in to discharge, to complete this adventure. My doctor and nurses were grate. I am terrible at giving blood; my body just doesn’t want to let go. When I get Tattoos, I don’t bleed much either.

What is the first comment on this page? “I’d like to dedicate this song to the lord and savior, Lucifer!” Says THAT GUY. *giggles. Okaaaay. Random, but why should I be surprised? Perhaps that is a good thing?

So, I’m good. I’m ok, just in case you didn’t catch that. I appreciated the concern today but I automatically think like I have no insurance, as was the case for  some time. I am lucky to have it with my current job, so I still know the struggle. However I felt it was a waste of money, but thankful for insurance.

Day two, working on my gift for Papa. My Mother, while on our outing today, liked what I started for my Papa and reminded me that his birthday is in within a week or so. Today was my husband”s Mother’s birthday, which I made sure to wish her happy birthday. She should be home from work, so I can talk to her too.

 Random Cuteness found..




Lukey needs a plushie.*snickers* Maybe the wolf is his giant, man eating Plushie.

*Pulls out her secret Camila Plushie.*

>.> Shhh, don’t tell her. <.< 

I do miss her though. A few more days and she’ll be back here to catch up on her reading and sharing her awesomeness with the world. Cool, that ‘awesomeness’ is a word. Maybe… Pfft, either way not changing it.

You know, rereading some RP bits, I may not be 100% satisfied by my writing, but I am happy with the character development for the most part and how well things fall into place; even if not all at once. I think that works with our group pretty well, and even the ones who left and can no longer take part.


papa woodburn  IMAG0259

Acoustic Bitches! *fist pumps* 


On THAT note, Take care and thanks for reading!

Here’s my play out…some more of Luke and Ess music. If interested and have the time, to read, click here.

Those above, did you notice who created them? Camila/Blackbird did a great job.

And Final Fantasy to boot!


3 thoughts on “So They Thought I Had A Stroke…(Jam)

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  2. Glad to hear you’re okay! It’s scary when your body acts up like that! I can recall my own near death event and I called my mother to come take me to the hospital as well. Somehow I knew as I was closing the blinds (even though it was 2pm in June) I sensed I wouldn’t be coming home for awhile. Thankfully I did, after 3 weeks. Lol. Please do take care of yourself.

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