Home At Last!

Honey, I’m hooome. 😛

Seriously, woman did you post DA 3 spoilers on my blog? ^.- How dare you!

I’m kidding, of course. I luvs ya wifey, thanks for keeping this place running in my absence. And I shall proceed to chat you up lots on Skype as soon as possible because I missed you to bits. ^.^


I am… Exhausted. And it’s much hotter here than it was on my grandpa’s town, which will take it’s toll on me for a while until I get used to living in a furnace again.

What I will not miss about grandpa’s are the spiders. The spiders in grandpa’s place are like our normal house spiders on steroids. I found one the size of my fist just chilling on top of my travel bag when I was packing my stuff to come home. I don’t know how, but I actually killed the freaking thing myself. I honestly don’t know how, but I cried the entire time like I as being held at gun point. Was quite pathetic and probably comic, but there was no one else home to witness it. If there were I would have just screamed for my mommy and she would have killed it for me. I am not ashamed. >.>

Spiders aside… I had a blast. I was also very productive; I read half a 800 page book and wrote so much. And I do have some rather fun tales to tell, but not today. I’m really tired today and I do hope to enjoy my internet and my cable tv and most importantly my BED.

Guys, if you enjoyed having Sarah around… Do follow her blog. I do hope she’ll still stop by now again even while I’m around and pay us a visit, but regardless… You may want to show her page some love as well. 😉

To all of you whose blogs I regularly visit (and you notice), I would love to say I’ll catch up on your posts but I probably won’t… A week’s worth of posts on several blogs is clearly too much for me with everything else I need to catch up on, buuut… Do know I have missed you all while I’ve been away as well.



2 thoughts on “Home At Last!

  1. So wut. Chatter! When ya want to “mind fuck” I’m up for the tangle. Visit? Travel? Wife? Oh please! Your a God Fucking Rock ‘N Roller that only “thinks” you miss this shit!! Haha!–I’m fucking LIVING iT! Fuck You! (For better effect//haha)!!


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