Writer Envy

I just read an article about writers who openly talk shit about other writers’ work out of pure jealousy. I have to admit I find that disturbing to say the least. I can understand feeling frustrated when it feels like something you want so badly seems to come easily for someone else, but it would never occur to me to do something against a fellow writer because they are more talented than me. Heck, I think everyone is more talented than me. If I was going to be that way I’d be a horrible person 100% of the time. And I’m not. Not 100% of the time at least. 😛

I was aware that this is a thing. I’ve heard and read about it before. Yet I have never been the target of said feelings (as far as I know) nor have I ever felt them for another writer. I don’t think I’m actually capable of being tolerant to this sort of behavior either.

I could never see myself putting another writer down, saying bad things about their work, just so I can feel better about my own. I don’t feel like I am any less talented if by any chance I think someone else is more. The writers I’ve met here on WP, on my RP site, on Figment, and in other places around the web have been nothing but supportive of me and my efforts.

I’d like to think that everyone in the writing community is like that as well, but for what I hear I just happen to be very lucky in the connections I’ve made.

Myself, I’m naturally supportive of other writers. I think the more of us out there the better. I’m more than willing to provide support and encouragement to fellow writers and am truly grateful to those who have in turn encouraged me on this blog and other sites. I like to think that if this really isn’t the norm in the writing community that it ought to be. On my own experience, gladly, it has been. 🙂



19 thoughts on “Writer Envy

  1. There are so many awesome writers out there, I can’t imagine being jealous of them. Hell, no, I learn from them. I study their work and try to figure out how they work the magic. If I’m not willing to learn from talented people, then I should be doing something else. Would you like fries with that? 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on galesmind and commented:
    I just don’t get that. All writers are different. Some may be more skillful at marketing their work but that is no reason to attack them. I think a writer is better off looking at their work and methods and if someone is more successful ask them for advice as to how to be more successful. I love reading all the writers and their work there are so many talented writers. I am in awe most of the time.

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    • This comment was caught in my spam folder. I’m not sure how that happened, but even so: my apologies. I’m glad I always check that thing. ^^”

      And yes, it is quite difficult for me to understand how someone might act that way towards a fellow writer. I mean we are all on the same boat one way or another after all. 🙂


  3. There will always be people who are better writers than me, wittier than me, smarter than me, more successful than me and on and on. I fail to see how putting someone else down would improve my own writing.

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          • Okay. Just something I read. I’ll pass it aling if I run accross it. Seems my writing have stirred up a psychiatrist, but its anazing infornation. I simply thought you understood what you were doing-lije a writers jest. I stand corrected.

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          • I’d like to say I always understand what I’m doing, but that’d be a little too optimistic, and possibly less than honest, of a statement.

            I was simply trying to understand what the ‘gossip is a sin’ remark was referring to exactly though, nothing more. ^^”


          • Oh I C. Straight out of the Bible. No accusation, just an added reference. I personally have always hated gossip & it has been a “hot” button foe me in the past. Today I dont care so much as I realize everything boils down to perception, right? Like this productive little banter. Hey, wanna go skiing, to an art museum? Haha!!


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    • I would’ve cited you as someone I consider more talented than me, but when I do that you go all “nuh-uh” and I go all “Yuh-huh!” and that can go on for ages. 😛

      But that is very true. I’ve grown a lot as a writer these past few years and I owe great part of that to all our group writing. Especially when it comes to world building. I was ever so terrified of world building when I started RPing. ^^”

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  5. It can be destructive, for sure, and it’s a sad state of affairs, but it happens more often than many might realize, especially under the cover of the internet’s means of acting with “anonymity”. Almost as bad, is when an author incites or allows her friends/readers to malign another writer/her work online. It’s happened to me, and it’s really no fun. All one can do is take the high road and hope that eventually the truth will out. Anything else lowers you to that base level. And you know the old saying, “If you tussle with the pigs, all that will happen is that the pigs will like it and you’ll get dirty”, LOL. 🙂

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    • That is a very truthful saying. lol

      I’m sorry to hear this has happened to you. It really is a kind a behavior that baffles me and I suppose the most frustrating is part is that, as you say, there’s little one can do in that kind of situation without dragging themselves through the mud in the process. :/


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