A Slight Difference of Opinions, I think

My family often acts like I’m wasting away my youth by staying home reading or writing or playing games instead of going out on weekends, but really… Nothing makes me feel more like I’m completely wasting my time than being around other people.

I’m just gonna buy this shirt and never leave my room without it

Likewise I can do a million chores in the span of one afternoon, but unless I manage to write at least 500 words I won’t feel like I’ve really been productive. It’s a very simple matter of what I consider useful, or important, or productive, as opposed to what others say it is. If I spend a whole day in bed (as I’ve had in more than one occasion), but in that day I manage to write more into my book then that was a productive day for me. That’s the day when I feel like I worked in something worth my time and effort. I’m more of a workaholic than people will ever realize I think. I don’t feel like my day was worth something unless I write at least a little.



5 thoughts on “A Slight Difference of Opinions, I think

  1. Yes, same with me. But that means I’m often unproductive. I think however, it will lead me to writing more often and even better without the feeling of pressure. My parents are always trying to get me to hang out with someone and they never understand I’m out on adventures daily with people in my books.


    • Forum roleplaying has proven itself a good kind of social activity for me. It has helped my writing and came with the bonus of making friends with people who are just as weird and creative as I am. Where people in my daily life lack understanding, there is plenty to be had with those guys. 🙂

      But of course they don’t count because they ‘live on my computer’ so in the eyes of the world I remain a loner. Pffft, whatever world; I have murders to plan and castles to build… and no time for your trivial crap. >.>


  2. And here I was thinking it was only me who is like this. I also do not consider it a productive day unless I have written something or planned more of my novels.
    I do find though that a long solitary walk helps to clear my mind, so when I come back to it all, I dont want to bury myself in a hole.
    I always say to anyone who brings up the topic: “for all you know, I could be planning my attempt to take over the world”
    *Cue the looks of horror when they realise that this could be a possibility*

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