Dreams and Music

I dreamed about my book characters…. This past night and the night before that. It’s a good a thing, I haven’t dreamed about those guys in a long long time. Not nearly as much as I do my RP characters anyway. This has been two nights in a row now. Ideas I may or may not implement too. They’re interesting, but I’m not sure whether I can fit them into this story.

On the next book though definitely. 😉

I also woke up with this song stuck in my head:

Nightwish is not my favorite, and I haven’t heard this song in ages. Not sure where it’s coming from, but eh… It’s a good song.



2 thoughts on “Dreams and Music

    • I dream my characters quite often. Especially Luckas. I remember this one time I dreamed about how he and this group of other characters were trying to break into a mental institution and Luke’s great idea was to act crazy to get in. So he… uh… stripped naked and started screaming.

      It… kinda worked though. >.>


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