I Write Like… Oh, Dear God WHYYY

So, I found this site here on my bookmarks. It’s a fun little thing. Basically you add some writing to it, it analyzes your text and tells you what famous writer it resembles most. I used this a long time ago for RP posts and now that I found it again, I decided to analyze my first 3 chapters (I broke chapter 1 in two parts, so technically I’m writing the fourth, but eh… details…)

Chapter Zero (first part of Ali’s chapter):

Chapter ZeroNot bad!

Chapter One (second part of Ali’s chapter:

Oh God, no.

Oh God, no.

How DARE you site? How DARE YOU? >.<

Chapter Two (Eric’s Chapter):



Eric, you’re my new favorite. >.>

*feels something sharp flying past her head*


Gee, you moody little assassin… >.>

Waaaait lemme put Ali’s chapter back together and see what result it gives me…

Chapter Zero

Okay, fuck it, I don’t care if it’s 30 pages long, I’m putting that chapter back together right now. >.>



12 thoughts on “I Write Like… Oh, Dear God WHYYY

  1. I think it’s a bit random. I got Neil Gaiman, Mario Puzo, H.G. Wells and William Shakespeare, Anne Rice and Mary Shelley for different paragraphs. I got Neil Gaiman and Mario Puzo for each of the consecutive paragraphs, respectively, but when I pasted both I got Neil Gaiman.

    I wouldn’t trust that weird script in any case, it’s something for giggles, nothing serious.

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  2. If anyone told me that I wrote like Stephanie Meyer, I would probably at the very least drastically change my writing style. It’s funny, because I apparently write like either Cory Doctorow or Arthur Clarke, but John Steinbeck actually influenced the works that I pasted into the website.

    Anyways, I was wondering whether you had any person or writer who influenced your writing style?

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    • I think everything I’ve read influenced my writing style in one way or another.

      I’ve had my writings compared to some authors, by people who read it and not a computer script, but when I look at it I don’t see it.

      So either there is not one particular influence or it’s just a case that I’m too close to see it clearly. 🙂

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