Music And a Story: The Knight and The Bird

Hello my lovelies! I finished Ana’s book. Oh, boy, I do have some things to say about it. Yeeeaah. Review tomorrow (well, it’s way past midnight, but it’s only tomorrow after you wake up; that’s the rule all insomniacs live by) most likely, but if not, Monday the latest. So, quick post now; just some music and a story, because finishing this book put me in the mood for blabbing about mine. 🙂

Now, I’ve mentioned the Legendary before a few times. There are eight (or nine, depending on perspective, but lets not go into complicated explanations here) of them, they all have their stories that will eventually be explored, looking at my planned series as a whole, buuut… The Travelers focuses mostly on two of them; Blackbird, whose real name remains unknown, and Alaron aka The Silver Knight.

Alaron was the heir to the Lord of Cold River (Stonewall has no kings, rather each city has it’s Lord, in Bridgeton’s case it had a “Lady”; Ali’s mother) when the Great War began. He had the magical gift of speed and he was a talented warrior which made him a hell of an asset to a warring city. Basically he was a dude who ran faster than your eyes could perceive while wearing a full suit of magical unbreakable armor. Unless you’re suicidal you might as well drop your weapons and go home.

Blackbird in turn was the leader of what was referred to by Cold River’s officials as The Rebellion, although the town that was to become Bridgeton considered itself independent from Cold River.  The Lord, Alaron’s father, considered them rebels for thinking themselves free, simply put. Yeah, he was an asshole. Much much less is known about her. Her true identity was a very well kept secret by the ‘rebels’, in fact she was thought to be a man as only the name was known. Only when Alaron actually came to know her, that it was revealed that Cold River’s authority was being defied by a girl.

Cue the sappy music:

So obviously they fell in love and all of that. There are three versions to how this happened, depending on who you ask:

1) Alaron was tasked to invade the rebels’ settlement, find Blackbird and kill ‘him’. When he found ‘he’ was in fact a ‘she’ and she was pretty and stuff, he was all smitten and couldn’t go through with it. Blackbird at first was a total bitch about it and just manipulated him with boob mind control powers into betraying his people but eventually she realized he was a pretty cool guy, not mention pretty hot himself, and she was being really mean about all this romantic crap. She was all “suppose I like you too, so let’s end the war so we can make out in peace”. At least that’s what some jerks in Cold River would lead you to believe. Yeah, a lot of people would see Alaron as a traitor and Blackbird as manipulative wench. Haters gonna hate, right?

2) Alaron was tasked with finding Blackbird and killing ‘him’. His change of heart occurred not because of the revelation of his sworn enemy’s boobage, but due to the discovery that his father had greatly exaggerated the ‘threat’ the rebels posed. He realized that they were not so much waging war as they were slaughtering civilians and he decided he wanted nothing to do with it. He surrendered to Blackbird. He explained to her that the people of Cold River were ill informed of what the war truly was. He proposed they form an alliance to end the fighting in the most peaceful way possible. Once released, Alaron returned to spread the news of what he had learned. He gained the support of the people, but had his execution ordered by his father and was forced to flee the city. A good amount of soldiers and civilians followed him into desertion and reinforced the Rebellion’s side. Whatever relationship that developed between the Knight and the Bird would have occurred after this, in the years they led the rebellion together. Now this seems like the most logical and civilized course of events for our two heroes. It’s what most scholars and history books would adopt as being the truth as well. The ‘official’ story, if you will.

So what’s behind door number three? This is the longest one, so bear with me.

3) Alaron was tasked with killing Blackbird. He failed miserably. He was bested by the archer, captured by her men, stripped of his armor, tortured and interrogated. He was in captivity for over a month before he was even in her presence a second time. Their first few conversations took place with him firmly chained and guards watching her back at all times. She explained her own magical gift and why he was not fast enough to escape her arrows, why his armor wasn’t completely impenetrable, and how she had sent warning to Cold River, through a messenger that never returned, of what she was capable of and that any more attempts to cross the river would be met with violence. She had reached the conclusion that his father considered him a threat and wished to get rid of him, and that she refused to be someone’s executioner so she was going to let him go.

Alaron realized she had a point about his old man wanting him out of the picture and decided that ‘screw him’, offered to stay and help her and stuff. She told him no. The Knight was released, returned his weapons and armor and told to get the hell out of her sight or else. Alaron returned home and realized his father had a back up plan which involved spreading rumors that his son had run off to join the rebels, which didn’t warrant him a very warm welcome. He was forced to leave the city again, but before crossing the river he went out into the world, called favors from some all friends, and returned to Blackbird with two experienced warriors and a good number of reinforcements. He told her of what his father had done to him and that he would like to bring him down; not only for revenge, but to protect his younger sister who was being forced into an unwanted marriage (because Alaron’s exile had left the Lord without an heir and that could not happen, so he needed the girl to pop out a grandson. Yes, the man was a lousy father).

Blackbird accepted his help with the rebellion, but she didn’t particularly care for the Knight at all, she was pretty much a cold hearted bitch whenever he tried to make nice… and yes it’s pretty obvious why that is (duh). To no one’s surprise she eventually warmed and they became sort of an item for the duration of the war, or rebellion; depends on who you ask as well. This version is less known and less popular, but strongly believed in by those few who know it well.

The only thing those three versions have in common is that Alaron was a pretty stand-up guy, however, no one knows much what Blackbird was like. Only that she did eventually fall in love with him. The circumstances are blurry at best.

After the War they parted ways and were never publicly seen in each other’s company. Whether they broke off their romance or they were keeping up appearances, again, is open to speculation.

There are records of their ruling for several years after the end of the war and then… nothing. Alaron’s eldest nephew became Lord after him. Bridgeton was ruled by one of Blackbird’s younger brothers and later his children. As fair as history knows the pair simply vanished without trace. There were strong rumors, of course, that they ran away together and lived out their days in exile and whatnot. There were rumors that Alaron’s eldest nephew was in fact his and Blackbird’s child placed under his sister’s care… There were many many rumors and speculations of the sort, but the truth is no one knows how the story ends.

Well, except me, but you know… *smirk*

Cue the less sappy music.

As you might have guessed by the little I’ve wrote about them (if you read it, I mean, if not then this is the first you’re hearing of this), Ali and Eric descend from these Legendary. Ali being forced to hide out with the assassins after Bridgeton’s destruction and Eric all set up to become the next Lord; his father having disappeared years ago and believed to be dead.

Around now, at the point I’m writing them, at age 16, flashbacks and nightmares are starting to plague the both of them, and these visions are of Blackbird and Alaron. This is happening either due to the magical bond they share with their descendant’s magical relics (Alaron’s sword and armor; which are to be Eric’s, and Blackbird’s bow; which is to be Ali’s) or because they are the Legendary themselves, reborn. These are the possibilities and I tell you guys now there might not be an answer in the books. Because there’s no way to find that out; at least not one I thought of yet.

So when these two eventually meet (well meet again, they have briefly met once) it’s going to be… Well… Imagine awkward, multiply that by a few lifetimes, and add some magical shenanigans to the mix. Yeah, THAT awkward.

Ali does not take awkward very well, so if you think the Legendary Blackbird was a bitch to her Knight… Well, just you wait and see how my girl reacts to this. 😛

There, that was a bit of a long unnecessary ramble at… ooh, 3:45 in the morning, but if you read all of it and you’re curious to know more…

If not, then I hope you at least enjoyed the music. 😉



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