Book Playlist Moment – I Am The Highway

There is a character on this novel I’m working on… She’s without exception the most confusing and fascinating character I have ever written. I’m still some ways from the chapter where she first appears, but I often think about her. I don’t know what my mind will be like when she permanently joins the voices. Between her and Luckas I might be the farthest from sanity I’ve ever been.

Jo, that is the name she goes by, she is not insane per say, rather she is… Her existence in itself is so apart from normality that she feels no connection to the world she inhabits, with the rare exceptions of her friends and family (to a point, because even then it’s… complicated). This has become my song for her because she is often appearing and disappearing without warning or notice and it’s everyone’s understanding that she might one day just disappear for good and no one would be able to find her. Just like she is a part of their lives she may as easily remove herself from known existence overnight.

I’m not sure how much any of that makes sense, but for it to make sense I would have to tell a long complicated story. It’s much easier to just write my book and make you all read it later. 😉

I did write this, from her POV a while back. I doubt it helps with the ‘making sense’ thing, but it’s there to be read.

In any case; that’s a good song so enjoy it.



One thought on “Book Playlist Moment – I Am The Highway

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