Book Playlist Special: Them Fiery Things

I have a very extensive book playlist that has been growing considerably ever since I started working on the book again. Some of these songs relate to certain events and characters and others to the book world in general. I’m yet to organize it, but I’ll get there eventually.

Because the destruction of Bridgeton is what set the book’s events into motion and is also a very significant event in Allison’s life (as you’d expect), there are a lot of songs in her section of the playlist that mention or relate to fire. This one happens to be one of my favorites for Ali:

This song always passed me a feeling of defiance of resistance, something heroic that Ali finds foolish. That is the main characteristic that separates her from the memory of Blackbird. Blackbird was the leader of a resistance, she believed in a cause; in freedom. She fought for what she believed was something greater. Ali doesn’t believe there is anything greater, or at least she doesn’t want to believe.

On the other hand this:

This song gives out a feeling of loss, of hopelessness, and abandonment. Which I think is more fitting to how the experience truly shaped Ali’s view of the world. Her resentment towards the things she was once taught and her unwillingness to believe in acts of greatness, come from the realization that Bridgeton, and everything it stood for, only existed up until the moment Cold River decided to tear it down. That freedom was just an illusion after all, was never real, thus not truly worth fighting for.



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