Ego Boost of The Century

Earlier I replied to a comment and mentioned how support was vital and I mentioned my family… Now I just went by the living room and my mom started chatting me up; understandable since I’ve been locked up in my room all day, and she started telling me about this uncle of my brother in law’s who just recently started working installing Air Conditioners. And she was telling about how the guy always did this; find a type of work that is on high demand and get some sort of certification to make a quick buck with it.

So I shrug and I mumble “Well, I’m doing what I love and I’m not making any money out of it.”

My mom just glares at me, like I’ve offended all of our ancestors and says. “But you are GOOD at what you do.”

And thus… After that I just lost my right to bitch about teaching her to use Android. She’s earned it after all.



One thought on “Ego Boost of The Century

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