The Darkest Place Writing Contest

Hello my lovelies! How would you like the chance to show off your writing gifts AND have a chance to win some cool stuff?

Welp, I have just the thing for you…

It’s… It’s a writing contest. It.. Uh… Says so right there on the title. I don’t know why I’m trying to build suspense here.

But yeah, is this new platform for writers to share their work and receive feedback and things like that. I’ve spent some time there, it’s new, but it’s a pretty neat place to be, I tell you.

So what’s this about a contest? Well it’s pretty simple.

The theme is “You are in the darkest place in the world” and writers are encouraged to submit their creepiest stuff. The contest starts today and ends on February 28. Fiction up to 10.000 words in length, previously published or not, from writers worldwide are eligible.

Entries are to be submitted to the contest page on Inkitt

Guidelines, as written on the contest page:

Contest Description

“You are in the darkest place in the world.” Submit your blood-curdlers, spine-tinglers, skin-crawlers, and hair-raisers to Inkitt’s free horror contest! Fiction from flash to 10,000 words is accepted. Receive the most votes to bump your entry into judging by the Inkitt staff.

  • Authors retain all rights to work submitted to the contest.

  • Multiple entries are allowed, but each individual participant may win only one prize.

  • Prizes can be shipped only to the United States, countries in the EU, and Australia.

  • There is no age requirement for participation.

  • Inkitt staff are not eligible to receive prizes, or be chosen as winners.


11:59pm PST on February 28th

Prizes for Winners

1st Place

$25 Amazon gift card, Inkitt custom mug, Inkitt custom notebook, custom cover design for the Inkitt story of their choice (created by Inkitt’s designer).

2nd Place

$20 Amazon gift card, Inkitt custom mug, Inkitt custom notebook.

3rd Place

Inkitt custom mug, Inkitt custom notebook.

Top 10%

The top 10% will get a horror badge on their profile.

I’ll be participating in this, but unfortunately I’m not eligible for prizes that require shipping, which is too bad… Mugs and notebooks are things I like to hoard. >.>

Still, sounds like fun times. 😀



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