Time To Go Night Night

When I start writing out sentences like this: “Justin smiled back at me, although his eye were longer showing the same amused they had just seconds before.” I know it’s time to stop and at least try to get some sleep.

If for some reason you can’t spot the errors… That was supposed to be: “Justin smiled back at me, although his eyes were no longer showing the same amusement they had just seconds before.” The difference is mainly that this version makes sense. I mean, read the above sentence and tell me it doesn’t make you sound like someone trying to communicate after being hit in the head a few times.

And that’s how I know my brain is starting to shut down.



9 thoughts on “Time To Go Night Night

  1. I remember being like this as a junior in high school. Every now and then, I would try and write to stay awake in little breaks. A lot of my homework back then (and the stories) would also start becoming illegible as it grew later.

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    • I only get quiet time after everyone goes to sleep, which is usually late so… I pull a lot of all nighters. I’m often not that hindered by sleep, but sometimes I go back to my docs later and have no idea what I was even trying to say. This, I think was something in between. πŸ˜›

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  2. I was just editing and my edit made less sense than what had been there. I decided to check on WP and then head to sleep myself. This is early for me, but oh well. Sometimes the mind just gives up. This made me chuckle– great first version. πŸ™‚

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