If Your Character Was… Kitty Edition

So, I saw this game in a random forum I was lurking at today and it was called “If Your Character Was…” and it worked like so:

  • someone posts “If your characters was a tree, what tree would it be?”
  • next person posts a pic of a tree they think suits their character and then picks a different something for the next poster.
  • So on, so forth

I thought it was pretty damn funny and since I was already in a mood to procrastinate I set forth on a quest to find kitties that I thought held some resemblance to my RP characters… Here’s what I came up with.

Crys – Because badass looking ginger with green eyes.

Jake – This is him, it just is. It looks just like him if he was a kitty. 😛

Amber – I think the caption explains it better than I ever could. Amber is very… Amber… in her ways. ^.-

Luckas – d’aaaaw, look at the Lukey-kitty…. *squee* he’s so squishy! (I hope he never finds out about this… Luckas hates cats with a fury)

Ali – It just has Ali’s facial expression… It does… It’s uncanny.

Dastan – “Gimme da boooze!” 😛

Indrani – Preettyy… but yeah, she’ll totally kick your ass.

Sam – Sam is just that kind of person that… She’s beautiful, but gives you the creeps, you know? Not an easy thing to find in a kitty pic, but I think this one comes close enough. :/

So there you have it. If the voices were kitt-


Oh… Hey… Lukey… ^^”

“Don’t ‘Lukey’ me! What the hell have you done!?”

“It’s just a game, Luckas. Lighten up. And aaawww, you make a pretty kitty… I just wanna squish it!”

“Shut up! I don’t accept this!”

*ignores Luckas completely* “Hey, wait… How come I don’t get a kitty!?”

Oh, geez, Annie, I’m sorry… There’s a lot of you, I forgot, but hang on, I’ll find you one!

There we go!

“Aaaaw, it’s got a little flower! I like this game!”

“That is so not my expression…”

“Yes it is, Ali. That is your exact face. It is quite uncanny.”

=_= “Shut up.”

Heh, okay guys. Back in the cages, you’re causing too much ruckus as it is…

*whispers* “I am going to mess up your sleep SO BAD.” >.<

Worth it. 😛



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