My Female Fantasy

My main character is a female. She is an archer, an assassin… And has super awesome magical gifts. Needles to say; she’s going to kick some ass by the time the novel ends. Some people would call that a good thing and others would not.

Today I was reminded of how a long while back I read an article about River Song, my all time favorite Doctor Who character… I didn’t keep the link to that post, nor do I remember what blog it was from. It was really a long time ago. I do remember the poster saying that River, because she was a flirty woman constantly handling guns, was a stereotypical man’s fantasy.

I’m sorry, but why can’t that be a woman’s fantasy? No, I’m not complaining that the poster neglected the fact there are gay women in the world… I’m saying why can’t a flirty woman handling guns appeal to female viewers? Granted, River was much more than just that and the poster missed that point, but why is the fact that this type of character may appeal to men immediately lower their value as a female role? Why should that make her a poor example of a woman in fiction?

Then we have books like 50 Shades and the Twilight Series that portray female ‘heroins’ who are complete and total men obsessed nitwits. Those are women’s fantasies apparently. I’m sorry, but I’m siding with the boys on this one, ladies.

I don’t know how the world will see my characters, but I much rather see them closer to the River Song side of the scale. I think that a good dose of female badassery is a wonderful thing in a story. I can never have enough of it. Now, that’s my fantasy. Hell yeah.

That’s the stuff!



3 thoughts on “My Female Fantasy

    • I read the three 50 Shades book and well… meh. And I couldn’t stomach Twilight past book one.

      I can give Ana Steele some credit for standing her ground in some ways, but Bella Swan is horrible incarnate. Not just when it comes to female roles, but fiction characters in general. She’s boring, horrible to pretty much everyone, and loved by all because… the author said so.

      And I am sorry… I’m dangerously close to ranting. People shouldn’t get me started on Twilight really. It’s dangerous. I should post a warning somewhere on the blog.

      Thanks for commenting. Come again. ^^”

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