I Don’t Watch Anime (But Maybe I Should Start)

So, a friend sent me a picture from an anime as uhm… an ‘accurate’ description of Sam and Luke’s relationship.

This image:

That's... Actually Quite Accurate

That’s… Actually quite accurate

I was very, very, amused by this, but I also had to ask my friend how he even found such an image since I know quite well he doesn’t watch anime. Not to mention it was around 6am when he sent it to me. So I email back “What hell have you been googling over there?” and of course he sent me a link to his image search. It was “weird anime moments” (written in English like so, I should note) and… It was glorious. I didn’t ask what led him to Google search that in the early morning, because frankly; I just don’t need to know some things. What I did do was sort the image results into a few categories fitting of a very hilarious and bizarre blog post. Shit’s gonna get weird so proceed at your own risk.

Pearls of Wisdom

Yes… but it will smell like cookies. Glorious cookies made of rainbow.

OMG, I thought all those people I stabbed just walked it off! NOOOOO!

Sssshhhh… Men are not supposed to know that!

I think we’ve all shouted that at some point… Ehem… Moving on…


I guess no one told him that people die when you kill them.

Okay, apparently that’s not common knowledge. ^.-

Are… Are you talking to me? o.O

Maybe Some Context Would Help?

Maybe that means spanking… And maybe there’s completely unrelated reason why the girl looks so damn happy about it.

Okay, someone got hit on the head clearly…

Someone sounds really damn sure. ^.-

…. I’ve got nothing.

That’s a serious medical condition. *snort*

That Awkward Moment When

…You forget to bring snacks

…You realize you REALLY pissed someone off.

You realize you just said that aloud

Octopus hell

The implications dawn on you

There’s No Context For This


This raises so many questions… None of which I want answered

Oookaaaay… We all know marriage is finding someone willing to put up with your crap, but I don’t think that’s the answer. ^.-


Not quite the definition of ‘shooting for the stars’ mom and dad were hoping for, bud. Although the moon seems actually pretty okay with it, so… Yeah, all the power to you man.

Is that an option? WHERE DO I SIGN?


If texting was a thing in Valcrest, Amber would be sending Aiden one of these every morning. Thank the Twins I don’t have to write that.

Hahahaha…. Wait WHAT?

Completely normal. Absolutely.

What the fucking hell? ^.-

Holy mother of… WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

… I’m trying to determine whether that’s supposed to be a good or a bad thing… I DON’T KNOW!


So I’ve been told.

I’m actually expecting one of my friends to say this to me any day now.

That barely scratched the surface, but I think it made for a long enough post, so possibly a part 2 is in order one of these days. I need to rest my brain a little bit now. Dear Lord…

Later guys!


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