Not Dead

Those of you who I follow already know this, but for those of you I don’t; I’m not dead. No, no… I’m very much alive, despite Cleverbot’s best efforts.

The reason I say this is that, well, I’ve had something like this happen to me on multiple occasions; someone I communicated with or followed online complaining of not feeling well and then… Vanishing. And I know that’s possibly silly of me, but some of those people I still wonder from time to time whether they’re alive.

One roleplayer in particular I was in a great RP with and she just stop replying. A friend of hers let me know she was in the hospital (of course she didn’t say why) and she never came back.

I think about that quite often, because I’ve made some good friends RPing. Even though Sarah is the only one whose real name I actually know, I consider my entire RP group as good friends. So what if something happened to me? How would they know?

Weell, I gave my family instructions for that. Honest to God, I did.

It’s morbid to think that way, maybe, but I would hate to think I left anyone wondering whether or not something happened to me or if I just decided I was bored of them. It’s the internet, you can never know for sure what’s on the other side, and I dislike the possibility of someone I developed a bond with ever wondering if it was actually real.

Sarah, of course, knows my name, she knows my address and should I disappear on her for whatever reason she could write a letter, or call my house, or hijack a plane and get herself some answers. And I really have no doubts that she would do something like that.

Heck, I would.

….Was that a bit depressing? Uhm… ^.-

I’m sorry, here’s a really happy seal:


Happy monday everyone! 😛



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