Time Passes…

I’ve been rereading my previous RPs this weekend (yeah that’s what I’ve been doing while I was away) and wow… I swear some things about my writing back then… I can barely recognize myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I mean, I’m not going to say I was terrible, but… I’ve gained some understanding over the past 4 years of how to do some things better. Dialogue especially. My RP group have praised my dialogue a few times and I was flattered every time that happened, but in the previous two RPs I seemed to be going back and forth between dialogue that was just too dry or way too dramatic. That irks me now rereading it, especially on scenes between Jake and Crys, where these two characters have a history and I just don’t feel it there. It’s a lot different than when I write them now. Granted, romantic pairings in general were a difficulty of mine, something I needed to work on, and I give those two credit for that. I learned a great deal by writing their horribly awkward dialogue.

It’s not just me of course, the characters evolved a lot in three years. SOP (RP 2) was a story full of tension and all the characters were constantly on edge, they reacted as such, and there was no way around that. Jake and Crys were constantly tiptoeing around the fact that he was clearly hiding things from her and that made their entire lives a bottomless pit of awkward, so it wasn’t that much of a problem that I was writing it that way… It worked… but looking back I know that what I wanted it to look like and I know it didn’t look that way. >.>

One of the best parts of looking back of course is remembering things about my characters, little details I added here and there, that I’d forgotten, and seeing how I can use them for the current RP still. Drawing new plans and adding some new flashbacks here and there to fill in some blanks. This is the last RP we’re playing with these guys… I want their story told to best of my abilities by the end of it. I owe them as much. 🙂



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