Hello, Welcome to My World.

How has life with normal color perception been so far folks? Yeeeaaah, well… WELCOME TO MY WORLD.

Look, I’m color blind. I’ve mentioned this before. It’s something that runs my family. My dad was color blind, one of my brothers is color blind… Fine, we learn to live with it, it makes for funny moments and interesting conversations… And for me, personally, I was always fine because I know that I can always ask people what color something is when in doubt. There are non-color blind people a plenty in the world. That was my constant. That was my safety net.

And then someone comes up with shit like this.

Quick question: What colors do you see? If you have people with you show them the picture and ask them. I’ll wait.



…. Are you done?

So apparently this dress can be perceived to be either Blue and Black or White and Gold. And you know what’s the worse fucking part? Depending on how I angle my laptop screen I can see either one or the other… And even in this the blue looks kinda green to me. FML.

Someone out there hates color blinds and created this thing just to spite us, I swear. This is worse that when they changed Sprite bottles from green to blue and I thought I was getting worse… Then I saw this billboard ad, I shit you not, saying “It’s not color blindness: It’s the new Sprite.” Well, THANK YOU, ASSHOLES.

I never bought another bottle of Sprite

I think I need to get drunk… Or bang my head against the wall for a few minutes until I forget I ever saw this picture.



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