Dragons and Cake

I’m a fiction writer. I made it my life’s mission to make people believe in the impossible, to believe in magic, to shatter every limitation of what is considered normal, real, or mundane. Even if only for the duration of a story.

For that reason, more than any other you can think of, no one will ever win an argument with me by throwing facts in my face.

I love facts. I’m not going to say they’re not true if they are. However what I see when I look at something is different from what you see. The world is built on perspective. Mine, yours, and everyone else’s. There are at least four sides to this little box we all live in and outside there’s infinity… And dragons… And magic… And cake.

If you’re not willing to even acknowledge dragons and cake, I’m not even listening.

Show me anything logical that is at least half as awesome. I dare you.



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