That Was a Bit Of a Scare (Milestones and Thank Yous)

That post I wrote yesterday, Things I Say Vs. What I Mean… I wrote it on a break from writing and then immediately forgot it was even there. Then I come back to the blog a while later and I see a bit of a spike in views and likes. Upon further inspection I noticed I had 3 reblogs on that post which had never happened before.

So I’d like to thank OM from  HarsH ReaLiTy, dizzywithfeetplanted from Dizzy With Feet Planted. and Paul Okonji for sharing my little post. It’s always appreciated. 🙂

On my count I gained eight followers since then. If you’re one of these new followers: Welcome, I hope you stick around.

I also hadn’t looked at my stats page for a little while, and apparently I passed the 5000 view mark a while ago. I’d usually celebrate that with a party Gif, but… I’ve got a killer headache since last night and I’m afraid to even look at one of those right now.

Just trust when I say I’m pretty damn happy about that.

And since I just realized it’s Friday 13th today… I may follow in the footsteps of one of my fellow bloggers, Hev, and post my own top ten horror movie list… If I can get rid of this stupid headache long enough to write it. :/

I’m gonna go take some generic… pain stuff… because I can’t even remember what it’s called at this point… and take a nap. Maybe It’ll get better.



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